Creative Drawings: 8 Ways to Unlock Your Creativity and Style


Are you looking to boost your creativity? Art and drawing are fantastic outlets for creativity and a wonderful way to find inspiration and solutions. But for someone who’s new to drawing, it can feel difficult to break into the amazing world of art and drawings.

That’s where we come in! Here are eight tips to help you start drawing, get your creative juices flowing, and fill your mind with creative drawings.

1) Observe the World Around You

When trying to unlock your creative drawing style, it’s important to observe the world around you. Take note of the shapes, the colors, the textures, and anything else that you find beautiful. Pay attention to how you respond to the little details of what you observe.

Remember that your creativity will likely be enhanced by the things that mean the most to you. You could look to natural phenomena like stunning sunsets and the intricate pattern of a leaf for your inspiration.

Take a break and go for a walk or a hike, and find yourself taking inventory of things that you’d like to capture on paper. Alternatively, you could turn to photographs and works of art that give you a jolt of emotion.

Keep looking until you find the subtle pieces of life that capture your eye, and try your hand at expressing it in your artwork.

2) Experiment with Different Materials

Standard pencils, paint, and markers can be utilized to create beautiful artwork, but considering alternative materials can help you think outside of the box. Try using different types of pencils, like colored or water-soluble, graphite sticks, or charcoal to draw with.

Utilize chalk, oil pastels, or a mix of media to create more texture and to keep things interesting. You could also explore alternative materials, like fabric paint, body paint, or pastels, to create unexpected and unique artwork that expresses your creativity and style.

3) Study the Masters

Studying for a master’s is one of the best ways to unlock your creativity and art style when it comes to creative drawings. From the Renaissance masters to the greats of the modern age, studying the work of these esteemed artists can help jumpstart your creativity and provide you with inspiration.

Understanding composition, color, and technique are just a few of the many skills that can be learned by studying the masters. This can be done through reading art books because studying the art of the past provides a foundation and understanding of the history of art.

4) Practice Regularly

Practicing regularly is a key factor in unlocking your creativity and drawing style. You can’t become a successful artist overnight – you must dedicate time to practice and build your skillset. Regular practice allows you to become familiar with techniques and materials, allows you to refine your style, and helps you better understand the principles of design.

Working to improve your skillset every day will allow you to create more ambitious and creative drawings. You never know what type of inspiration and creativity will unlock. Plus, regularly pushing yourself to try something new never fails to keep things fresh and interesting.

5) Embrace Your Mistakes

When it comes to creative drawings, embracing mistakes is key to unlocking your creativity and style. Mistakes should not be feared but seen as something to learn from and grow.

Mistakes are part of the creative process and can be used to push boundaries and explore new avenues. By embracing mistakes, creative drawings can become dynamic and original. Mistakes can take drawings in new directions and lead to unexpected discoveries.

Taking risks to try something new might be daunting, but the rewards are worth it. Instead of giving up when there is a problem, mistakes can be seen as an opportunity to problem solve and find a different solution.

6) Seek Feedback and Critique

No matter how comfortable we feel with our work, it can always be improved. Seeking feedback and critique is one of the most important steps for elevating our creative drawings. It can bring new perspectives and encourage out-of-the-box thinking. Not only will it help to identify flaws, but it can also help to identify strengths.

Objectivity is something to strive for when creating a work of art because personal biases can be a hindrance. An artist should be willing to accept criticism and find potential in it to sharpen their own creative style.

Seeking out diverse opinions from fellow artists can bring interesting insights that can inspire more creativity and take a piece to the next level. Inviting feedback and critique is an important part of the creative process that can help to bring about the best possible product.

7) Try Using Cannabis

Cannabis has both physical and mental benefits and can be used to release hormones and endorphins to help energize and start the creative juices flowing. Cannabis brands such as the Verano cartridge can bring out ideas that your normal, mundane brain wouldn’t have come up with.

It can also help you break free from inhibition and open your mind to think freely and flow with ideas. You could use cannabis to infuse color and texture into your artwork. THC, found in cannabis, helps to bring ideas to life, allowing you to explore and draw out from within.

If used correctly, cannabis can be an excellent tool for creative drawing and can enable you to express yourself in a creative manner.

8) Keep a Journal

Keeping a journal is an excellent way to improve your creative drawings. As you record your daily musings and observations, you will be able to enrich your work with a unique perspective and create a vivid narrative that stands out.

Writing can help you express your current emotions and even provide the fuel to unlock creative ideas you may not have thought of. You may find yourself with a new drawing style or unique way of thinking about a project. A journal can also provide a backdrop for experimentation and a platform for practice. 

Express Yourself and Style Through Creative Drawings

Learning creative drawings by completing exercises such as studying lines and space, as well as experimenting with materials, will help you unlock your own style.

Each of these techniques can be combined to create a more unique and personal style of drawing. So, take some time for yourself to explore these eight ways to unlock creativity and watch your drawing style bloom.

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