Shisha vs Hookah: What’s the Difference?


Have you been hearing your friends talk about hookah smoking but aren’t sure what it is? Do you think hookah smoking is the same as shisha? Let’s take a look to clear up the confusion.

Shisha and hookah are different, but they have some similarities. While smoking them is not as bad for your health as cigarettes, you should not smoke either too often. Read on to learn the difference between shisha vs hookah!

Taste and Experience

Hookah and shisha, while many people often confuse them, are two distinct products resulting in different tastes and experiences. A hookah is a pipe filled with heated charcoal, which burns flavored tobacco.

It undergoes filtration through water before inhalation. It offers a much smoother taste experience.

Shisha is a flavored tobacco composed of glycerin, sugars, and flavorings like Al Fakher Two Apples. Shisha delivers a sweeter, more drawn-out flavor as it is not burned with charcoal. 

Additionally, they smoke shisha in many combined flavors for a rich and flavorful experience. Many people mix and match flavors to create a unique taste and experience. Both Hookah and Shisha are methods of delivering a delicious and enjoyable experience. 


Shisha and hookah are both traditional methods of smoking. There is a distinct difference between the two. Shisha is a flavored tobacco soaked in molasses or honey-based syrup before being smoked. It comes in many flavors, such as strawberry, apple, and mint.

Hookah comes from combining tobacco and other ingredients like flavorings, herbs, and oils. The composition of hookah tobacco is usually a combination of tobacco, molasses, honey, glycerin, and other flavorings, while shisha is usually a combination of molasses and tobacco.

Although there are subtle differences in the composition of shisha and hookah tobacco, the main difference is how to smoke a hookah and shisha. With shisha, you inhale smoke through a pipe, whereas with hookah, the smoke passes through water before inhalation. 

Uses and Health Risks

Shisha and hookah are both smoking devices used to smoke flavored tobacco. The main difference between the two is that shisha is a finer version of the modern hookah and is superior in texture and flavor.

Hookah is best used when sharing with friends, as it can handle many hoses. It allows everyone to inhale the flavor in the same session. Shisha, in contrast, is best used solo, as it generally only has one hose.

When dealing with health risks, both devices pose similar dangers. They produce smoke that contains nicotine and other toxins.

Shisha is less harmful as the tobacco used is usually smoother than used for hookah. Whether you choose shisha or hookah is up to personal preference; with the proper setup and accessories, both can provide an enjoyable smoking experience.

Follow This Guide to Differentiate Shisha vs Hookah

Shisha vs Hookah are both traditional Middle Eastern smoking devices. They both produce smoke by burning an unusual type of tobacco. Though both use water and a hose, shisha includes more unique flavors, while hookah favors the traditional flavors it was made with.

Ultimately, the choice between the two comes down to how one likes to smoke. Try them both and decide what works best for you!

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