Here’s How To Properly Declutter And Organize Your Home

Declutter And Organize Your Home

Living in a cluttered space can make even the most serene person feel stressed out. Everyone is guilty of letting clutter pile up on their desk(s), dresser(s), and nightstand(es). For some people, this chronic disorganization results in an overwhelming amount of stress; for others, it simply means that they need to clean out their belongings and get back to the basics.

Regardless of whether it’s a choice or an issue, knowing how to properly declutter your home is crucial if you are trying to make your living space more inviting. Here’s how you can properly declutter and organize your home.

Rent A Storage Space

If you aren’t ready to let go of everything but still want your home to feel tidy, rent a storage unit.

The goal here is to eliminate as much clutter as possible while making it easier on yourself mentally. It’s also very convenient. The folks at explain how renting self-storage means sharing and revoking, having access to security, and affordability. Renting a storage unit doesn’t mean that you are holding onto unnecessary items, rather it ensures that these things won’t be left out where anyone can see them.

Create Zones

Create different zones for various items so it’s easier to properly maintain your space. Instead of letting your clothing pile up all over the floor, use hangers to organize them so they are hanging against a wall or in an open closet. If you have too many clothes for one area to hold, try creating zones around the room that are dedicated to sorting the items by type or color. You can then put these individual sections into their own designated zone, which will keep similar things together and make it much easier on yourself when trying to find something specific.

Clear Your Clutter Regularly

Once you’ve separated everything into what needs to be kept and what needs to be chucked, start clearing out your clutter regularly. The best way to do this is to pick a day each week where you will sort through everything that’s been piling up. If doing it weekly becomes too tedious, try picking one big decluttering session once every month or so to keep things organized.

Make A Plan For Your New Spaces

As you clean out items, consider what to do with them. If you come across a table and it’s covered in junk, don’t just shove everything on the floor or set it haphazardly against your wall – pick up the mess and figure out how to best use this new space. Maybe there’s room for a plant or two if everything is removed, maybe you’ll want to hang some paintings, or maybe you’ll discover that there is enough space for an extra bed. Organizing things properly will allow you to follow your vision and really make the entire space feel like yours by incorporating personal touches such as photos of loved ones and other meaningful items.

Plan Your Time Wisely

It’s important to properly declutter your home, but only when you have the time to do so. If you find yourself constantly being delayed because of work or outside forces, try planning a day where you will have nothing going on and can tackle everything at once. If you struggle with procrastination, mark a date on your calendar that’s six months down the line and promise yourself that you’ll reserve that specific day to take care of anything that needs to be done. You’ll thank yourself later when everything is sorted out and there are no more distractions keeping you from tackling other important tasks.

Make The Process Fun!

Remember: cleaning doesn’t need to feel like a chore if you know how to properly declutter your home. Instead, turn cleaning into an enjoyable task and make it as much fun as possible. Listening to your favorite music, trying out a new cleaning product, or even having a cleaner come help you can all go a long way in boosting morale and ensuring that the job gets done properly. If you keep up with regular cleanings, the process will become effortless very quickly resulting in a more inviting living space.

Take Notes

Finally, take notes on what you need and want to keep. If you’re only going to be decluttering a room or area of your home, try taking notes as you do it. This way there will be no confusion when it comes time to reorganize everything and make sure it’s in the right place. Keep track of where each item goes so there’s no chance for clutter to find its way back into your life after everything has been put away; this ensures that all items have homes and helps save time during future cleanings and sorting sessions.

Here's How To Properly Declutter And Organize Your Home

Decluttering your home is not always fun, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult or unpleasant task. By properly decluttering your home on a regular basis and making the process enjoyable, you’ll quickly find yourself with more time, money, room in your space, better sleep hygiene, less stress, and more money.

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