Different Fabric, Different Care: Tips To Wash And Care For Your Different kinds of Fabrics

The life of your favorite fabric depends on how well you look after it. You invest all your hard-earned money in buying some of the most beautiful and expensive clothing materials. However, even your good-quality fabric and apparel will start losing their shine and texture if you do not take proper care of them. 

The kind of wash that you are giving to a particular fabric plays a significant role in maintaining its luster in the long run. It is, therefore, important to educate yourself about the washing and caring tips of different varieties of fabric. 

Here are some easy tips about washing and caring for your fabrics to maintain their shine, quality, and making them last longer in your wardrobe. 


Cotton is the most user-friendly fabric that you would ever come across. The fact that you can wear cotton throughout the day and even during the night makes it the favorite material among all. This fabric loves you, and therefore you must love it as well. The shelf-life of cotton is long, and you can further take some extra measures to maintain this fabric and enhance its longevity. Handwash your cotton clothes in cold water using a mild detergent. Do not brush this fabric too much. Cotton tends to shrink; therefore, you must not dry it in direct sunlight. 


This light and sheer piece of fabric is equally very delicate. This fabric bleeds and frays with time, and hence you must take utmost care of your chiffon clothes to preserve their fragile weaves. Wash your chiffon apparel in cold water. Do not twist or turn them too much while drying. Just like cotton, chiffon, too, shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight. 


You may call Georgette as the twin sister of chiffon. This fabric, too, is very delicate, sheer, and lightweight. The only difference between the two is that georgette is a little thicker than chiffon. The washing and caring guide of both these fabrics are similar. Hand-wash your georgette dresses in cold water. Use a mild detergent and dry them in the air, as opposed to sunlight. 


This unique fabric for sale online is available on several platforms and you can buy it in different colors and prints. The grainy texture of crepe makes it appealing. Moreover, the lightweight of this fabric makes it suitable to wear for all body types. As far as taking care of crepe is concerned, it is a high-maintenance fabric. Dry wash your fabric to maintain its shine. Having said that, polyester crepe can be machine-washed.


Satin is shiny and lustrous and one of the easiest fabrics to maintain. Satin doesn’t require any extra attention. Satin can be hand-washed, but do not squeeze it too much while drying. You may as well machine-wash your satin clothes and dry them in direct sunlight. But be extra careful while ironing your satin outfits. 


Silk is one of the most royal and expensive pieces of fabric. This classic fabric is graceful and lustrous. The overall appearance of silk always makes it stand out among others in the fabric cluster. As silk happens to be expensive, you should prefer dry cleaning it. Some expensive variants of silk may require professional care. 


Everybody wants to wear the breathable linen in the summer season for its cool, breathable, and non-sticky nature. Linen is an eco-friendly fabric and a must-have in your wardrobe. The sustainable properties of linen make it an expensive piece of clothing. As you are spending so much money while buying your linen clothes, ensure that you take extra care while washing and ironing them. Linen is to be dry cleaned only. 

You must follow this fabric washing guide to increase the life of all your clothes and to preserve their shine, feel, and quality. Start by jotting down these tips in your notes now. 

Written by George K.

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