Why You Should Contact a Lawyer If You Were Exposed to Burn Pits

Military veterans in the US are often deployed to different places across the globe where they are exposed to burn pits that produce toxic air. Burn pits contribute to lung diseases as a result of the smoke produced from the chemicals used to burn waste. The affected veterans are eligible to get disability benefits if they can prove that their health problems resulted from exposure to burn pits. However, the Veterans Administration (VA) does not automatically offer compensation for burn pits. The VA states that there is no research that links burn pits to long-term health problems, which can make it difficult to prove your case. If you want to get the compensation you deserve, read on to learn why you should contact a lawyer if you were exposed to burn pits. 

Lawyers Help you Prove Your Case

For you to get disability benefits, you need to prove that your medical condition is a result of exposure to military burn pits. The first step when filing a claim is to apply to the VA, and it should go along with supporting evidence that shows that a specific event during your military service caused your condition. However, this can be tricky for military veterans who may not be conversant with the claim process involved. This is when professional burn pit attorneys come in handy. A professional lawyer knows the supporting evidence that you should gather before you file your application. 

Skilled lawyers also evaluate the information you present and your service history to determine the merits of your case. Your attorney will also help in determining the benefits that you would be entitled to get. For instance, the veterans who can prove that their work-related conditions affected their health are eligible for compensation for medical benefits for all the expenses incurred and future treatment. 

They Have Experience in Dealing with Similar Cases

Getting disability benefits for exposure to burn pits is a challenge since the VA insists that there are no long-term health effects linked to this condition. Therefore, it is a good idea to enlist the services of skilled attorneys to handle your case. Expert lawyers at explain that it is vital to hire a law firm with extensive experience in dealing with veterans’ compensation claims. The legal fraternity is quite broad, so you must choose a specialized attorney with experience in veteran-related issues. 

Experienced attorneys can review your military service history and your medical history to come up with a fair compensation plan. Experienced lawyers also understand the VA rules and regulations used for determining disability ratings. The other benefit of hiring a qualified lawyer is that they know the legal language that is commonly used when filing for disability benefits. 

The Help you Appeal Rejections

If your VA disability claim is denied, but you are certain that burn pit exposure has contributed to your lung disease, you must keep on fighting until you get compensation. Another advantage of hiring a lawyer is that they can appeal the denied result for your VA claims and increase your chances of getting full disability benefits. When the attorneys have the right information, it becomes easier for them to fight for the veterans to help them get the fair compensation that suits their conditions caused by burn pit exposure. 

Your lawyer can also help you seek an increase for your disability payout and rating if your condition worsens. Once proved that the respiratory disease is linked to burn pit exposure, it is possible to have your disability benefits reviewed to suit your current status. Experienced lawyers know how to argue your case until you get befitting benefits. 

No Upfront Payment 

Experienced lawyers will not charge you any upfront payment to handle your case related to burn pits exposure. Your attorney can only get a certain percentage from the total compensation you receive when they win your case. Therefore, you should not worry about payment since your lawyer will fight for you, knowing that they get paid following the outcome of the case.    

Many US veterans are often exposed to burn pits when they operate in different places across the globe. Burn pits are used for waste disposal, and they include the use of various chemicals to burn solid waste. However, the toxic smoke produced often causes a variety of respiratory conditions among many veterans.

Why You Should Contact a Lawyer If You Were Exposed to Burn Pits

Veterans who suffer health problems due to excessive exposure to burn pits are entitled to get VA disability benefits. However, this may not be an easy process, and that is why hiring an experienced lawyer is important to increase your chances of getting the compensation you deserve. Lawyers know the supporting evidence required, and they also have experience in dealing with similar issues. More importantly, your lawyer can appeal your claim if your application is rejected.  


Written by George K.

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