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Do Your Periods Control Your Height?

Do Your Periods Control Your Height?

Throughout birth and youth, girls develop at a rapid rate. When they reach adolescence, their development accelerates again.

By the time the girls are 14 or 15 years old or a few years after menstruation begins, girls have stopped growing and have reached adult height.

What is Puberty? 

Puberty is a period in your life when your body undergoes significant changes as you transition from a child to a teenager and then to an adult.

Puberty does not co-occur for all girls, but it usually begins between 8 and 13. It is a multi-year process, not something that happens suddenly.

How Does Puberty Affect Your Height? 

Girls go through a growth spurt one to two years before menstruating.

Puberty strikes most girls between 8 and 13, while the growth spurt comes between 10 and 14. In a year or two after their first menstruation, they only gain 1 to 2 inches in height when they reach adult height.

By 14 or 15, most girls have reached adult height. When a girl first receives her period, this age could be lower.

If your daughter is 15 and hasn’t started her period yet, you should talk to her doctor.

Although a girl’s growth slows once she begins her periods, it does not entirely cease. There is usually a little further growth, about one to three inches, throughout the next two years after the period begins. Once the period starts, there are usually no significant growth surges.

In pediatrics, we have the formula to estimate the size of a child based only on parents’ heights, termed the mid-parental height. It does not provide an exact estimate of a child’s final size but does offer a range based on genetic markers. This estimate might not be accurate if either parent experienced health problems as a youngster.

This formula works by subtracting five inches from the father’s height and averaging the result with the mother’s height if the child is a girl. This is the parents’ average height, and as an adult, the child should be within a few inches of this height (either above or below). You add five inches to the mother’s size and then average it with the father’s for a boy.

Other Factors Involving Girls’ Height 

Some factors influencing the height of a girl may include:


Malnourished children are often shorter and smaller than expected in childhood, but with proper nutrition, they may catch up before adulthood.


Some drugs can cause growth to be slowed. One hypothetical example is the use of corticosteroids on a long-term basis. Chronic disorders that frequently require corticosteroids, like asthma, can, however, have an impact on growth.

Medical Conditions and Diseases 

Growth is influenced by a variety of circumstances, including starvation and drugs.

Certain health disorders, such as growth hormone difficulties, severe arthritis, or cancer, might cause growth delays in particular females.

Genetic conditions also have an impact. For example, girls with Down syndrome, Turner syndrome, or Noonan syndrome may be shorter than their peers.

Before their bodies begin to go through puberty, girls require a particular level of body fat. This indicates that teenage ladies who engage in a lot of physical activity may start the process later.

Long-term illnesses including diabetes, cystic fibrosis, kidney failure, or asthma can cause puberty delays in children. If the condition is well-controlled and has few consequences, this is less likely.

Marfan’s condition causes girls to grow taller than their family members.

Contact your child’s pediatrician if you have any concerns regarding their growth. After a female reaches puberty, she will stop growing for a few years after her first period. A kid who has had her growth spurt delayed will have less time to grow before it ends. 


The height of a girl may depend upon when she had her first periods. If there is any problem related to a girl’s period, it is necessary to seek medical help. To consult the best gyne doctor in Rawalpindi, visit MARHAM.PK

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1- What are some specific changes occurring during menstruation? 

A girl may sweat more during menstruation, develop acne, and involve attraction due to hormonal changes. 

2- How can someone take care of her during puberty?

Take a good night’s sleep, exercise regularly, and follow an expert dietician’s advice to keep yourself healthy during puberty. 

3- At what age does a girl completely stop her growth? 

Genetics play a significant role in height, and most people do not grow taller after 18. Proper nutrition during childhood and adolescence, on the other hand, can help you reach your full potential height.

4- Does having a good height make a girl attractive? 

Most people believe that a girl with having good height may be attractive. However, others may have different thoughts. 

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