10 Best Dog Christmas Gifts in 2022 That Every Dog Will Love

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Excited for Christmas? So are we. Do you know who else is probably going to be quite excited for Christmas? Your little dog. All of this light, love and your entire family at home might be driving them insane. Your dog is the most important family member in your house, they deserve the best gift that you can find. Don’t know what to get them? Don’t worry, that’s where we come in. We have a list of ideal gifts for you to give to your dog.

10 Best Christmas dog gifts in 2022

Your dog deserves a Christmas that is special too, we are sure that if you have made it so far in the article you know that. This list has safe, affordable, and wonderful gifts for your puppy that they are sure to love. We have curated this with a lot of love and concern.

1. Greenies Fresh Natural Dental Dog Treats

If your dog loves fresh green treats then this is an ideal gift for them. These are dog’s dentist-approved yummy chewy treats that have a breath freshening mint flavor. Every vet loves to recommend this gift that is both fun and important for oral health care. If that isn’t enough these amazing toys are made up of soluble ingredients that are safe and easy. Don’t forget that this product is also quite suitable for smaller breeds. It’s a treat that refreshes your dog’s breath and gives them extra goodness of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

   2. Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel Squeaky Puzzle Plush Dog Toy

This is a hide and seek dog puzzle that was specifically designed for your dog’s entertainment, it encourages fun playtime with zero seconds wasted on boredom for your puppy. It has 2 in 1 interactive play which means that it has double the fun options to play fetch or hide and seek. It is known to give mental stimulation to your dog. If you have a puppy that loves to run around squirrels, then you can buy them the 3 pack of squeaking squirrels. This gift is going to be your pet’s favorite, the hide and seek and the line of puzzle toys is amazing for a supervised fun time for your canine. They are also ideal for all dogs. Always remember to take the size and activity level of your dog into consideration. Keep these toys out of reach from kids and please consider the activity level of your dog before buying this.

3. Benebone Real Bacon Durable Wishbone Dog Chew Toy For Aggressive Chewers

I don’t know any dog that doesn’t love to chew, now they can chew on a wishbone that tastes huge real peanuts. It is an easy-to-handle toy that tastes amazing and is made for heavy chewing. The scent and flavor of the dog are equally important to the amount of destruction the toy can take. This toy is inspired by the strong sense of smell that the dog is capable of. The company guarantees that the dog is bound to be hooked on this toy from the moment it takes a bite from this and the customer review agrees with them. It is also quite safe, your puppy needs to have strong teeth this gift helps with that. You can always run this gift past your vet and they will agree too. Be careful of wear and tear though. Some dogs might have a peanut allergy so please check that before getting them this product, it is made from nylon and real peanuts.

 4. Furhaven Pet Plush Orthopedic Sofa

These are perfect for young and old dogs, the Furhaven Orthopedic Ultra Plush Faux Fur & Suede Traditional Sofa-Style Living Room Couch Pet Dog Bed is made to give your loved ones all the comfort that they deserve. It is ideal for a long night’s rest, the sleeping surface is very cozy for your dog. The foam base supports the joints and pressure points of your is also very ideal for arthritic pets who very rarely get comfortable. It is available for bigger breeds also. It is known to give dogs greater support and comfort with the help of its orthopedic support. They are soft, supportive, and have three sides giving your dog various options to snuggle with. Your pet will find just comfortable snuggles with this gift. It has the feel of a couch and it is great for older pets who no longer jump on the couch. You can easily make this gift as the couch that they love shedding their fur at. It is also quite stylish with a removable and washable cover.

5. ZippyPaws Skinny Peltz No Stuffing Squeaky Plush Dog Toy With A Fox, Raccoon, And Squirrel

Your dog loves the sound of toys but you hate the unnecessary need of cleaning up fuzzy stuffing messes? We have just the toy for you, these are no-stuffing plush dog toys that will give you hours of squeaking fun. The plush oy has three sets of large characters that were brought to life using materials of top quality. The fox, squirrel, and raccoon will keep your puppy from getting bored.  Each toy has three rounds of squeakers and they are ideal for small dogs who love squeaky toys. It is an ideal companion for your dog and makes for a great present for them on Christmas.

6. iFetch Interactive Ball Launchers for Dogs

This toy has a launch distance of 10,20 and 30 feet with just a touch of a button. If fetch is the favorite game of your dog then this is an easy pick for you from this list. We promise you that your dog can’t have enough of this device. The only warning that we seem to hear from the customers is that they have to hide iFetch so that their dogs can take a break. How it works is that the top of this device is there to encourage your dog to stand behind the machine. When the ball launches it is safe for them to stand behind. Supervise and train your dog to wait behind before you trust your kid to play with them alone. It is a great device for puppies, you just need to plug in and watch your dog have all the fun they can.

7 ChuckIt! Sport Ball Launcher

This classic toy is another one that is a lot like iFetch, it has a 26M launcher that enhances the game of fetch. The throwing speed and the speed as well as the distance take much less effort. The dogs are encouraged to run faster and further due to this amazing Christmas gift. They get more exercise due to it and they get their carbs cut in a playful way that doesn’t take a lot of time. You can load it up in the backseat of a trunk, as it is all two feet in length. It is portable for you to take with you on trips, your dog will love playing with this on a shore or greasy fields. You also don’t have to bend over as much since it’s made to extend the reach of your arm. The product includes a tennis ball and brightly colored rubber ball that bounces high and has high visibility for pets and their parents. Since the product comes with a tennis ball remember it is compatible with tennis balls that can be bought separately if you and your dog aren’t very good at fetching. It is for outdoor use and is quite easy to clean.

   8. Pet Qwerks BarkBone Stick For Aggressive Chewers

These are amazing chewy toys that are made for your angry little pupper. They are durable and made from nylon and perfect for your dog to indulge in it. It is shaped like a stick and is easy for your dog to pick up and play with. It is perfect for medium-sized dogs up to 25 pounds at comes in a range of shapes and flavors. It is also backed up by vets since it encourages dental health by massaging gums and keeping the teeth clean as the angry puppy chews on. Backbone sticks are strong and they give your dog a long-lasting chewing experience with a variety of chewable textures for them to is infused with peanut butter flavor, please check with your vet for allergies so you do not risk their health. This company is known to make good toys for cats, dogs, birds, and other furry animals.

9. Pet Qwerks Talking Babble Ball Interactive Pet Toy

This is another interactive dog toy, the talking babble ball is a motion-activated toy, it interacts with your pet by growling and talking. It is great for dogs of all sizes and ages. A lot of vets recommend this for blind pets or for those who have poor vision. It keeps them busy and entertained. It has about 20 different sounds this includes wisecracks, so you can count on them being in love with this present also satisfies their urge to chew and helps them relax their anxieties by preventing boredom by encouraging them to play actively and once your dog is tired the device turns itself off. It is strong and durable and is made with ABS construction material. It is a durable toy that lasts forever and keeps your dog active.

10. Puppy Scoops Ice Cream Mix for Dogs: Maple Bacon – Add Water and Freeze at Home!

Which dog doesn’t love a good treat? This is one of my personal favorites for dogs to have. It is ideal for Christmas for your dogs, all you need to do is order this premix. The way it works is that you just have to add water and freeze that to make it creamy ice cream for your dog. Dogs love this and it is all-natural, it has human-grade ingredients so it is perfect and safe for your dog to consume. They can be stored at room temperature, it doesn’t need to be frozen till your puppy is craving some ice cream. When they are ready you have to empty the powder into a cup or a small blender for best results and then add ⅔ cup of water. Blend it until it is smooth and pour the mixture into the cup again after which you freeze it for five hours and voila here’s an ideal treat for your dog. It has a shelf life of one whole year. Once you mix it can last up to six weeks in the freezer. It also comes in a variety of flavors.

Final Words

Hope this helps you to narrow down your choices, all the gifts are affordable and extremely safe for your dog. Merry Christmas to them, right?

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