How to Decorate a Kitchen on a Budget

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Is 2022 the year that you finally redo your kitchen? If you’re tired of looking at a space you don’t love, then it’s time to make a change!

The only issue? Home renovations cost money, and not all of us are working with a professional designer’s budget. Thankfully, there are plenty of easy, cost-effective changes you can make to spruce up the heart of your home.

Today, we’re sharing how to decorate a kitchen on a budget, without sacrificing a drop of your personal style.

Add New Paint

Investing in brand-new cabinets can quickly empty your pockets. Even if you purchase ready-made ones from your local hardware store, they’re still expensive.

However, sometimes replacing them is the only option. If your cabinets are water-damaged, cracked, or structurally falling apart, then you may need to make a budget and plan to start fresh.

However, most of the time, they’re just aesthetically unpleasing. For instance, your cabinets might have cracked, chipped, or peeling paint. Or, you may just despise their current color.

If this is the case, then you can transform them for the price of a few gallons of paint! Choose a shade you love, make sure to sand and prime first, and be prepared to be amazed. This is one of the most budget-friendly ways to update a kitchen, but it can make a major difference.

Swap the Hardware

It might seem like the tiniest update, but have you considered changing out the hardware in your kitchen? From your knobs and pulls to your sink faucet, it might be time to try a different material.

For instance, if your home was built in the 1980s, then there’s a good chance that you’re still rocking some bright gold hardware in this space. While gold accents are making a huge comeback, that might not be your personal preference. Try chrome or brushed nickel pieces instead, and you might find that you love the transformation!

At the same time, you might need to replace your hardware for functional reasons, too.

If your faucet is leaking or your drawer pulls are misaligned, take this time to make it right. Or, you may decide to invest in a kitchen soap dispenser to clear space on your counter. Choose styles and finishes you love, and enjoy this simple kitchen makeover.

Consider New Lighting

Lighting is of the most easily overlooked parts of kitchen decor. While you may have pendants hanging above your island, have you given much thought to any of the other spaces? There are four distinct areas in your kitchen that require illumination, no matter how large or small this room may be.

They include:

  • Task lighting
  • General lighting
  • Ambient lighting
  • Decorative lighting

You can use task lighting to illuminate your common work areas, such as your countertops and sink. These can be decorative, but they’re mostly meant to be functional in nature, so overhead can lights work great!

As its name implies, general lighting is for basic brightness in your kitchen. Play around with these lights, and get creative! Think chandeliers over the island, and a pretty pendant over the sink.

Ambient lighting adds a gentle glow to places where your friends and family members tend to congregate. If possible, look for dimmable lights that can add enhance the ambience when the sun goes down. Finally, have fun and add decorative lights to any area where you want a little more personality.

Add New Artwork

You might think of your living room and bedroom as the most common places to display art in your home. However, have you ever thought about adding a few of your favorite pieces in the kitchen?

Rest a small, framed print against your countertop backsplash for an unexpected pop of color. If you have a shelf in your range hood, use this space to display a larger piece you love. In addition, add groups of art on the walls surrounding this space.

Not sure what to display, or how to budget for art? There are plenty of unconventional ways to get the look for less.

Try framing a piece of wallpaper or fabric that you adore, or a drawing from your child. You can also frame postcards and letters from loved ones, as well as pictures you’ve taken on your travels! You don’t have to spend a ton of money to add visual interest to your kitchen.

Look at the Windows

Are the windows in your kitchen begging for a little pizzaz? If so, then it might be time to add a few window treatments! Especially if this room faces the road or a busy neighborhood street, curtains can add both beauty and much-needed privacy.

You have a few options here, and all of them are affordable. Smaller windows look great with short cafe curtains, or a crisp Roman shade. If you have bigger windows, then hang drapes that go all the way to the floor.

The key to making your kitchen windows look at big and airy as possible? When hanging your curtain rod, be sure to position it taller and wider than the window itself. This will give the illusion of height and width and instantly open the room up!

To keep the look light, avoid heavy window treatments in the kitchen. These rooms benefit most from lightweight materials that let in a little light, if possible.

How to Decorate a Kitchen You Love (and Can Afford!)

There’s no denying that the kitchen is the central hub of any home. It’s where we all congregate to eat, socialize, and share about our days. For that reason, it deserves to be beautiful, not matter what your budget might be.

Now that you know how to decorate a kitchen that looks great and won’t drain your wallet, what are you waiting for? Make these tiny tweaks today and notice how much better and more inviting this space looks. It may even inspire you to cook more!

Looking for more tips on how to create spaces you love? Check out our “Home” section for other helpful guides!

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