5 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen on a Budget

Having the kitchen of your dreams is not something that’s easily attainable. Most people have to make gradual changes over years or make compromises when it comes to creating a functioning kitchen because they don’t have it in the budget to do full renovations. The kitchen is one room of the house that everyone loves because it’s where the food is made and quality time with the family is spent. It’s also where your guests flock when you’re hosting a dinner party. However, when your kitchen falls short of your needs and wants, it can kind of put a damper on those activities. If you have a kitchen that’s the heart of your home but it lacks aesthetic beauty and functionality, here’s how you can upgrade your kitchen on a budget. 

Update Your Lighting

If your kitchen has one single light source, it could be difficult to cook at night or have a lively family dinner in low, yellow light. To upgrade your kitchen, you can change your lighting so that it creates a lighter, brighter appearance in your kitchen. While you may enjoy low light for date night, you can always use candles. Your kitchen lighting should provide you with the ability to see everything clearly while you’re cooking. Similarly, the lights in your kitchen should reflect your home’s unique style. 

At the same time, you can keep your original kitchen lighting and add more light sources around the room if it makes sense, so that you can pick and choose which light you’ll need based on what you’re using the kitchen for at the moment.

Replace Old Utensils 

While you can’t always afford to replace old appliances, especially if they’re in working condition, you can replace old utensils to make your kitchen feel like new. If your appliances have a stainless steel finish or you prefer darker colors in your kitchen, make your utensils match the interior design so that you can feel like you’re in a professional chef’s kitchen. 

Utensils are affordable to replace, but it’s important that you also look for utensils that your kitchen doesn’t already have. This will ensure that you have all the tools you need at your disposal the next time you try out a new recipe. 

Add Shelving

One thing many kitchens are lacking is space. Whether you have too many dishes or too many countertop appliances that you need out for everyday use, you could be losing valuable space by not giving yourself enough storage. Floating shelves are a great way to maximize the space in your kitchen so that you can put things that would normally be put on countertops above them, making room for food prep and other items. 

Update Hardware and Paint Cabinets

5 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen on a Budget

Your cabinets are one of the first things your guests will notice about your kitchen because they take up so much space. Having cabinets with chipped paint can be an embarrassing eyesore. Luckily, this problem can be easily remedied. 

Take your cabinet doors down using a screwdriver and take them outside. Lay them down on old newspapers and sand them. By sanding them, you’ll even out any chips, scratches, lumps, and bumps. Once your cabinet doors are smooth, you can repaint them the same color or a new one to completely transform your kitchen. 

Next, you might want to update the hardware. Stainless steel handles that allow you to easily open and close your cabinets can make any kitchen seem more modern and high-end. When it comes to your cabinet hardware, make sure that you also choose function along with beauty. If your handles are in the way, look for a different size or shape so that they can still work, without sticking out in all the wrong ways while you’re trying to cook dinner for your family. 

Make Temporary Changes

If you have guests coming over and don’t have time to upgrade your kitchen to your standards, you can turn your kitchen into a home bar that will distract your guests and give your home an upscale feel. When the night is over, you can turn your kitchen back to a functional kitchen where you can cook breakfast for your family the following morning. 

Whatever your end goal is for your kitchen—whether it’s adding extra seating, finding more counter space, or updating your utensils and appliances—with a little creativity, real change can happen on a budget.

Written by George K.

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