Entertainment Quotient: 6 Acts For Corporate Events To Make Everyone Rejoice

Corporate Events To Make Everyone Rejoice

You have everything in place – an exhilarating venue booked, an experienced keynote speaker to host, an excellent location for your event, and the perfect guest list. But for your event to be a success, you must make sure to set the audience’s mood right.

Your choice of entertainment at the corporate event heavily dictates the atmosphere of the event and the experience your attendees have. Having a nice balance between upbeat, interactive acts and acts that allow your guests to sit back, relax, and have a good time is extremely important. So, what should you try at the upcoming corporate event that you’re managing? Keep reading to find out.

  1. Live Bands

Music is a must-have at every event or party, or better, live music! Live bands at an event can not just get people grooving but also keep them engaged constantly. They can play songs requested by the audience; they can interact with the guests and also move away from their setlist to play a surprise that can breathe life into the event.

Live bands can cater to a wide variety of audiences. There are live bands covering a range of genres, such as jazz, pop, rock, classical, etc. There are also cover bands who cover certain artists, bands, or eras and can play anything from their entire discography. You could also try booking a local band to infuse a local vibe into the event.

  1. Stand-up Comedy 

You could consider requesting a comedian to perform at your corporate event. There are many platforms where you can find a comedian for hire nowadays. Get hold of one through his personal websites, managers, or even via public forums, and get set for a laughter therapy!

They are a great way to set the mood right. Everyone enjoys the act; they feel at ease and can use the stand-up act as great icebreakers later in the event. Comedians nowadays also do unique acts for corporate clients that cater to the kind of audience present at the event, which makes it even more special.

  1. A Karaoke Booth

It may be hard to believe but to let loose in a karaoke booth with other people is more liberating than you think. It’s flashy; it’s fun; it’s fantastic; it’s memorable — everything you want your guests to feel, all at once.

Karaoke booths are easy to set up. You can have a corner of the event venue dedicated to this flashy, fun installation. People can take turns to go and sing their hearts out. You could also have a karaoke session for everyone together. However, booths often make people feel a little more comfortable.

  1. Performing Artists

An art show can be an excellent activity for the night. Few types of acts that are popular in corporate events are virtual art, sand art performances, coffee art, etc., They keep the audience entertained and are a great way to help artists receive some well-deserved stage presence.

Hiring artists is a great way to incorporate culture into the event. You could call in local artists for them to showcase their exceptional talent live. You could also append it to the fundraising campaign that you are running with your auction. Local artists can include people who design and make artifacts, painters, musicians, and others.

  1. Competitions & Mini-Events

Organizing competitions for your guests, which ends with one of them getting a prize, can help bring in a playful, fun vibe to the place. It would have people interacting, mingling, and enjoying the event like it’s some fancy party.

Managing an event gets easier when you prioritize your guests. Pay attention to what they might like doing, how they will mingle up with the other attendees, and most importantly, on the entertainment quotient, and you’ll be able to pull off the event with flying colors.

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