How to Throw a Party: 3 Tips for an Unforgettable Event

What was the best party you ever attended? Was it the right people, an amazing venue or mind-blowing music?

So many things can make or break a party. But the best parties happen when all of the elements come together. Everything might seem like it’s falling into place all at once, as if like magic. But the key to getting it right is lots of planning. Throwing a party takes weeks of planning.

From perfecting the party invite to deciding on the venue and the theme, here’s how to throw a party.

1. Great Invitations

Every great party has a great party invite. This will pique the interest of your guests and make them excited about what you have in store. Consider investing in an invitation maker. This will make your party seem professional.

Alternatively, you can consider a hand made invitation. This will add a personal touch to the party proceedings and make all those who receive an invite feel more obliged to come.

Be sure to give your guests a deadline by which they must RSVP to ensure you know the numbers that will attend in plenty of time and can plan accordingly.

2. Theme

Every good party needs a theme. This is an essential party planning tip. And the theme might reflect the time of year or the type of guests attending. If you grew up during the 1990s and this is a reunion party for old friends then a ’90s theme might be a great idea.

If you are going for something more sophisticated then you might fancy the idea of a jazz age cocktail party theme, in the manner of The Great Gatsby. The men can come dressed in suits and the women in dresses. You could light the room with candles or dimmed lights and you could even book a mellow jazz band to perform.

3. Solid Playlist

No party is complete without a solid music lineup. Even if you opt for hiring a live band, it is unlikely they will be able to perform for the whole evening and guests may get bored of that anyway.

Be sure to get yourself a good playlist. If you are not great at picking the lineup be sure to ask one of your friends or read newspaper music reviews. An advert-free subscription service like Spotify Premium or Apple Music is essential to ensure the music streams continuously.

You are also going to need a good speaker system that supports Bluetooth or the connection of a laptop or phone through an aux cable.

Be sure to inform the neighbors of your plans so you don’t get a noise complaint and consider inviting them to keep them on-side.

Throw a Party That Will Be the Talk of the Town

Deciding to throw a party is never a bad idea. But don’t just expect all the elements to come together with no work.

To make your party goes down as one of the best in town be sure to put effort into ensuring the playlist is banging, the drinks are flowing and the guest list is top-notch.

If you are interested in reading more articles about parties be sure to read our entertainment section.

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