Europe: How About a Complete Change of Scenery, Even in Your Own Home?


Travel is often an experience. An encounter with oneself: a way of confronting one’s sensations and questioning oneself. It’s a time to dare to do something you’ll never regret, to see it all, taste it all, experience it all, and keep unforgettable memories. It’s an experience you can usually have wherever you go, and even more so when it takes place far from home, in a land of history and ancestral tradition, like Europe. This change of scenery can be found at many different levels, and even in our accommodation. We take a look at this aspect and how you can access it.

Adapt Your Accommodation to Your Trip or Create Your Own Experience

Of course, you could go to Greece, Scotland or Puglia in southern Italy and decide to stay in a comfortable, standardized hotel. Sure, you’ll have a good time, but will it really be a change of scenery? If you’re up for the adventure, here’s what we recommend: grab a computer or smartphone – it doesn’t matter, as long as it’s got an Internet connection. Go to a high-performance platform in terms of quality and volume of hosting search results, such as cozycozy website. Launch your search and let the results from the various sources appear, then take action: select the filters that will enable you to bring out the “real change of scenery” of your destination. Only then will you find the rare gems that will make your vacation a suspended moment you’ll never want to leave.

History As An Approach to Your Travel Experience

You’ll understand that living in a centuries-old building surrounded by vineyards at the foot of Florence, in Tuscany, is worth a hundred times more than a stay in a luxury hotel. Likewise, waking up in a typical farmhouse in the Drôme Provençale region of southern France is nothing like spending a week in a hotel, even a 3-star one.

Among the accommodation solutions that will enhance this experience of change of scenery, there are those that will enable you to establish strong contact with the local population. Indeed, it’s by living surrounded by those who live permanently on the spot that you gain a better and truer understanding of the local way of life. Here again, all you need to do is activate an accommodation search that will include B&Bs where only part of the accommodation is available. This way, the owners will be present and you’ll be able to share as much as possible with them.

Get Closer to the Locals, But Also to the Environment That Serves as a Backdrop to Your Change of Scenery

Last but not least, some people want to get away from it all and put down roots in another culture, by getting closer to the natural heritage of the region they’re visiting. To do so, they can choose the most natural and ecological accommodations, such as campsites, lodges and other establishments offering a form of communion with the surrounding nature. 

You can also take advantage of this opportunity to open yourself up to a new culture, and why not try communicating in a new language, to appreciate the quality of exchanges with the local population: it’s up to you to melt into this place that you’ve been waiting to see contrast with your everyday life.

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