Everybody Loves Gifts: Tips And Tricks On How To Successfully Surprise Your Friends

Everybody Loves Gifts

Gift giving is a time-honored tradition cultivating deeper bonds of friendship and love. If you have found the perfect gift for a friend but want to go the extra mile, you have to get a little creative. Here are some tips and tricks on how to surprise your friends successfully.

  • A Prank

A prank depends on how well the person can take a joke and their level of gullibility. If you think your friend will see the humorous side, you may want to take a practical joke approach. You could buy an item that you know they would hate and place that on top of their real gift. When your friend opens the gift, you can have a little giggle at their attempt to hide their disappointment.

If you don’t know what you could get them that they would hate, you could opt for something gross or scary.

  • Scavenger Hunt

Sharpen your planning skills and map out a scavenger hunt with the gift as the prize. You will build anticipation and excitement, and who doesn’t love a scavenger hunt?

You will need a little prep time to prepare the riddles and set up the clues. If you’re not much of a wordsmith, do a quick Google search to get ideas for the riddles. If you fancy the idea of this but don’t think you could pull it off, there are plenty of hunts already set up for you.

If you want to write up and plan the hunt yourself, do it in a place that means a lot to you and your friend, like a restaurant or a park. To make it extra special, you could rope in the restaurant to help, which adds a layer of fun. If you write the riddles yourself, make them related to cherished memories you have together.

This is a fun activity for your friend (s) and injects much excitement and humor into the usual gift-giving.

  • Mail It 

In the Covid-19 era, seeking friends has been put on the back burner for many. Safety issues and constantly changing regulations and rules mean that many of us haven’t seen our friends in a long time. However, don’t let that stop you from surprising your friends and sharing gifts.

If you’ve found the perfect gift, and depending on what the gift is, you could mail it. Everyone loves receiving packages. When they aren’t expecting anything, it’s even more of a treat. Be prepared to receive a very happy phone call or message thanking you. The folks at recommend subscription boxes as these get sent to them directly. Subscription boxes mean they will receive a reminder of your appreciation for them every month.

If you live close to your friend, you could leave it on their doorstep and shoot them a text. This way, you get the joy of seeing the excitement on their face in person. Very few of us expect to open the door to a gift on our doorstep; it is a nice way to brighten up their day and successfully surprise them. You could even drop a few hints before the drop-off like you will be out of town, so they are even more surprised.

Everybody Loves Gifts: Tips And Tricks On How To Successfully Surprise Your Friends


  • Decor!

If the gift is for a special occasion, such as a birthday or an anniversary, you could decorate their bedroom or wherever the gift-giving will take place. It takes a little more planning as you will need to rope in their family members or housemates to pull this off. Ensure you know their whereabouts on the day, and armed with balloons, confetti, and anything else you know they will like, decorate the room like crazy. For a nice touch, hang a few pictures from the ceilings of your friendship timeline.

If you’re a little stuck on decor ideas, opt for something like their favorite TV show or color to help you with direction and getting the right things.

This is a nice way to make the gift a complete surprise and show them how much you appreciate their friendship and presence in your life. As long as everyone has kept it well under wraps, they’ll be over the moon when they’re surprised.

Surprising your friend with a great gift is a wonderful way to show how much they mean to you. With the current covid situation, it has been harder than ever to maintain friendships. Make notes of the things that they like or want to keep for future reference. This way, whenever an occasion arises, or you think they deserve it, you’ll always give them the perfect gift.

Written by George K.

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