How to Select an Online Therapy Program

How to Select an Online Therapy Program

How to Select an Online Therapy Program

The last year has been incredibly difficult to manage, and because of this, the online therapy industry has reached incredible heights. This article will tell you how you can select an online therapy program and should help you to decide if online therapy is right for you.

Here is how to select an online therapy program:

The Advantages of Online Therapy

Before moving onto how to select an online therapy program, let’s talk about why you should choose online therapy.


Above all, online therapy is convenient. Traditional therapy would mean that you would have to trek across your city to your therapist’s office after work, school, or on your day off. At first, this does not seem like much of a headache, but through repeated visits, you will come to dread returning to your therapist. Online therapy is convenient and does not require you to leave the comfort of your home. Just turn on your computer, log in, and start talking.

Costs and Expenses

Not only do online therapists as a rule tend to charge less than face-to-face therapists, but you will also save money on travel expenses. This is entirely subjective to your chosen therapist, however, as certainly some still will charge a fortune, online and offline. Online therapy does have the potential to be much lower than in-person therapy, and you do not necessarily need health insurance to access it.

Comfort, Ease, and Distance

Sitting in a room with a therapist who you have never met before can be incredibly daunting, not to mention then spilling your darkest secrets and going into detail about past traumas. Online you have distance, which can be a great way to defeat your nerves and can allow you to feel comfortable. Speaking online gives you the opportunity to speak much more freely without fear of judgment or awkwardness.

Mobility Issues

If you, like millions of people across the world, have mobility issues, then an online therapist is a fantastic way to receive help with your mental health issues without having to burden yourself with arranging transport. Similarly, if you are not driving or live in a rural area, you can still access the services you need without commuting miles to get in.

How to Select a Therapist

Are You Certain This Is for You?

Before you go ahead and arrange an appointment with an online therapist, you should ask yourself if this is what you want to do. At face value, it might seem like a good idea, but then when you begin interacting with your chosen therapist, you may lose interest. While hundreds of thousands of people are now interacting with online therapists quite successfully, say the coaching know-alls from, can you be sure that it will benefit you? Give this some serious thought before you commit to anything.

Licensed and Certified

One of the first things to give thought to is whether or not the therapist of your choice is licensed and certified. Licensing ensures that you do not get taken advantage of and can guarantee you are dealing with a professional therapist who is qualified and experienced. Anyone can say that they are a therapist, much in the same way that anyone can say that they are an astronaut. You wouldn’t take somebody’s claims that they are an astronaut at face value, so don’t take a therapist’s claims at face value either. If you are satisfied with their qualifications and accreditations, then you can pursue therapy.

Confidentiality and Security

Another way to select a therapist is to establish whether or not their website or platform is secure and confidential. You will divulge very personal information to your therapist, not to mention bank details. If the website that they operate on is not secure, not only do you risk exposing your personal problems, but you risk exposing your financial details to people. The website that you use should be HIPAA-compliant and should have other measures of security implemented.

Paying for Therapy

When it comes to online therapy because the prices are usually cheaper, you can pay for it privately, or alternatively, you can still pay through your insurance provider. If you do intend on paying through insurance, then ask your therapist for an invoice. You should check what their preferred method of payment is first and be sure to ask them if you can pay with your preferred method of payment. If you can subsidize the costs of therapy with your own income then insurance is unnecessary.

Selecting an online therapy program can be rather difficult, especially if you have never had to before. By ensuring that they are licensed, confidential, and establishing how they want you to pay, you can make the right decision based upon what is easiest for you to accommodate.

Written by George K.

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