Exercising At Home During Lockdown To Lose Weight

The recent events of the pandemic have put us all on high alert, together with all the wild weather events happening this year such as the bushfires in Australia and typhoons in the Philippines. Now more than ever, we’ve realized that spending time at home with our families is ever so important, not only that but we’ve realized how important the place called home is.

Therefore, it’s not strange that a lot of people have taken to exercising at home, especially when most gyms are shut during the lockdown and still are in some countries. Losing weight at home is possible, regardless of what people might say. It all depends on the type of knowledge and the equipment that you have at home to get it done.

If you’re looking to lose weight, whilst exercising at home, we’ve curated a list of options that you can choose from, some you might already have!

What Are Some Ways To Exercise At Home AND Lose Weight?

  1. Create a fitness “space”

Everyone has some spare room in their house, all you need is enough space to have room for your entire body. Once you have a fitness space in your home you already have a place where you can conduct your warm-ups and even some of your exercises.

In this spot, you can do all your stretches and then start with a warm-up of doing some jumping jacks or star jumps. Afterward, you can do burpees as these don’t require you to move around the house. These exercises are sure to work up a sweat and being done consistently will definitely improve your physique and help towards your weight loss goals (With the right diet of course!)

  1. Invest in some exercise machines

If you don’t have it already and have got the space to back it up on your home, looking into exercise equipment like elliptical machines can help you improve your overall cardiovascular endurance, whilst giving you the great “feel good” chemical endorphins after every workout and aid you in losing weight.

If you aren’t the type to go vigorous you can even exercise just by walking at home. To do this you’d need something like a treadmill for walking though because you wouldn’t want to be spinning circles around your house and getting dizzy!

  1. Do the basics

When you don’t have exercise equipment or many tools at your home, or simply don’t want to shelve out the cost for it right now then you can just stick to the basics. Some examples of basics, and have already been mentioned are Jumping jacks, star jumps, push-ups, burpees, planks, and ab crunches.

  1. Try something new

If you haven’t already given something like yoga a go, you should definitely try. To get started, you don’t need much more than a yoga mat. These days there’s plenty of resources available online and even virtual trainers on YouTube that can help you get started. Doing yoga will be great for both your mental and physical health, though if you’re trying to lose weight, you may want to add some aerobic activity to it such as running, swimming or cycling.

  1. Use the furniture

That couch that’s sitting in your living room, and that chair in your dining room. They can all be used to perform exercises. For example, you can tricep extensions on a chair by having the palms of your hand on the surface of the chair and your knees bent slightly whilst performing the tricep extension exercise. Be creative, and find ways you can perform your favorite exercises at home! Although don’t be doing silly stuff like benching your couch or anything like that, simple functional exercises are the way to go when you’re at home with no equipment.


Whilst the above will help you in your overall fitness goals and weight, you need to make sure that your diet is in check too. During the course of this pandemic I think all of us have splurged a bit on eating more, and especially snacking at night watching Netflix with our loved ones. 

Make sure you keep your diet in check, and by having some small exercises such as this in your life during this madness, your body will definitely appreciate it.

Bio: Marko Rakic is a trail runner from Sydney, Australia. When he’s not doing laps around Sydney, you will find Marko writing on his health and fitness blog, The Ultimate Primate. Marko believes that through fitness and healthy living that we can all live a happier life and wants to send that message across.

Written by George K.

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