Factors To Check During Sleep Trials To Judge Support And Conforming Of A Mattress

The effectiveness and benefits of sleeping on a mattress largely depends on the support it provides to your head, neck and shoulders. It ideally depends on the conforming ability of the mattress. This is because it will take the shape of your head and keep your spine perfectly aligned to relieve you from pain and pressure points.

The best way to determine support and conforming of a mattress is to sleep on it! Therefore, sleep trials are essential before buying any mattress for your bed.

The comfort and support factor

The comfort level of a mattress ideally depends on the comfort layers of your bed, specifically the top layers. If the mattress does not conform closely to your bed it will cause pain and pressure to your body. Choose models that:

  • Have superb conforming capabilities
  • Have thicker comfort layers and
  • Are made from latex or memory foam.

When it comes to proper support of the mattress, consider factors during the trials such as:

  • The evenness you feel under your body
  • Whether the mattress can take on your body weight and
  • The surface stability to contribute to pelvis or spinal alignment.

A good mattress will take on any weight and will not sag or sink due to less firmness and excessive softness.

About edge support

Apart from the support of the mattress in its center, A Guide to Choosing the Right Mattress will also tell you about edge support, its importance and the ways to judge it. All good mattresses will provide proper edge support which most of the buyers think is not as important as the center support, and they are certainly wrong.

It is very important to determine the edge support of a mattress because it affects the overall support provided by the mattress. Edges sink the most as people tend to sit on the edges the most before lying down or getting out of the bed. When you choose a mattress look for:

  • Models with reinforced corners
  • Those that have coil based support cores or
  • Mattresses made from high -density foam.

All these models will provide excellent edge support.

You must also consider the motion isolation and transfer. Movements during sleeping to change position or even to get in and out of the bed will create problems for your partner and result in sleep disruptions. You can prevent this if you choose a model that has adaptive comfort layers and are soft. This will minimize motion transfer by limiting them to smaller areas on the surface of the bed.

Ask for sleep trials

Most mattress models now come with a sleep trial period that may range anywhere from 90 to 120 days. Ask for such trials when you buy a mattress. Make sure that this trial period is much more than 30 days as that is the minimum time taken by a new mattress to properly ‘break up’ before you start enjoying sleeping on them.

Also ask for the refund policy if you return the mattress after the trial period if you are unsatisfied with its performance.

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