Top 10 Famous Fat Celebrities Who Defied Stereotypes

The standard of beauty in the world of entertainment is always dynamic. It soared with the hourglass shape, moving onwards towards the dainty girls, from athletic woman to the clumsy–messy girl trope. In all the tropes that have put up to mark on the Hollywood and Entertainment trends, the image of body positivity is almost always left out.

The standard media representation has always favored the skinny people, the petite body type. Today is not another one of those days. In this blog, we celebrate some of the top famous fat people. Yes, we are using the term fat as it is. Not Plus-Size, not just a little healthy, just famous fat people. Because these people have told the world – that you could be famous, fat and beautiful. All of them all at the same time.

1. Rebel Wilson

Top 10 Famous Fat Celebrities Who Defied Stereotypes


2. Melissa McCarthy

Alright, all my Gilmore Girls huddle up, because we are talking about our favorite Sookie St. James in this episode. If you did not catch this reference then you are probably still not caught up with watching Gilmore Girls (which you definitely should be doing first.)

Melissa was also one of the co-stars with Rebel Wilson in the 2011 movie, Bridesmaids. Melissa is not just an actress though, she is a producer and writer as well. The co-producer of the show “Nobodies”, she is also an entrepreneur. Melissa McCarthy has her own clothing line, Seven7. It focuses on all inclusive fashion for women of all sizes.

3. James Corden

James Corden, host of “The Late Late Show with James Corden”. He is famous for his infectious personality and comedic genius. His successful career spans acting, hosting, and singing. James Corden is also famous for his carpool karaoke sessions with famous music artists. With his talent, James Corden is beloved to both British and American audiences.

4. Rick Ross

Top 10 Famous Fat Celebrities Who Defied Stereotypes


Rick Ross, is a rapper and entrepreneur, has built a successful career in the music industry despite not conforming to traditional body expectations. The lyrical prowess and business acumen keep his fans in admiration.

5. Queen Latifah

Top 10 Famous Fat Celebrities Who Defied Stereotypes


Dana Elaine Owens, better known as Queen Latifah from her stage name. She is an actress, producer and singer. She is critically acclaimed for her performances in movies like “Chicago” and “Set it Off.”

6. John Goodman

John Goodman is without a doubt one of the most successful actors around. He rose to fame with the situational comedy, “Roseanne.” 

Movies like “Everybody’s All American ” which was filmed in my hometown of Baton Rogue. He’s been in the very entertaining movie, “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?” and with Nicholas Cage in the hilarious “Raising Arizona.” He is also known for his role in the famous Pixar film, “Monster.Inc”

7. Rebel Alley

Rebel Alley is a New Zealand actress and model best known for her roles in “What We Do in the Shadows” and “The Breaker Upperers.” Her comedic timing and vibrant personality have made her a rising star in international cinema.

8. Lizzo

Lizzo, who is going through a stream of canceled culture, is also known for being a Grammy winner. The singer, rapper and songwriter is famous for her empowering and body-positive lyrics. Her vibrant performances, advocacy for body positivity and self-love has resonated with millions, making her a cultural icon.

9. Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill, known for his roles in “Superbad,” “Moneyball,” and “The Wolf of Wall Street,” has evolved from a comedic actor to a respected filmmaker and writer. His talent and dedication to his craft have earned him accolades and admiration from peers and fans alike.

10. Chrissy Metz

Born on September 29, 1980, in Homestead, Florida, Metz’s journey to success in Hollywood was marked by determination and resilience. All This is Us fans assemble here, because we are about to talk about Chrissy Metz who starred as Kate Pearson in the show. Throughout the show and beyond it she has created a name for herself in showcasing plus-sized women’s challenges with grace and resilience. 

Her portrayal of Kate Pearson has earned Metz widespread praise for its authenticity and emotional depth. The role not only showcases her acting ability but also addresses important themes related to body positivity and mental health. Metz has been candid about drawing from her own experiences with weight and body image, making her portrayal even more impactful and relatable to audiences.


So here we go, remember the list of famous fat people is not exhaustive here. These people have strived hard to achieve success and broken stereotypes to be where they are today, and hence they are to be celebrated beyond their body types. 

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