Frequently Asked Questions About Dispensaries In Boston, MA

Boston tops the charts when it comes to cannabis consumption in Massachusetts. More than 20% of people consume cannabis daily, whether for recreational or medicinal purposes. 

Also, the consumption of Cannabis was legalized in the state back in 2016, leading to a vast cultural and economic shift. Now, you will notice many cannabis dispensaries opening up all around the state, especially in cities like Boston. 

Boston dispensaries have to follow specific rules and regulations laid down by the authorities. These regulations are put in place so that cannabis is not misused and consumers can access high-quality products. A good dispensary offers a wide range of products for the consumers wherein you can buy buds, rolled joints, hash, CBD tinctures, THC gummies, and other such products. Moreover, these products come in various sizes and potencies that give greater control over the dosage of marijuana. 

If you are new to consuming marijuana, you might be unaware of certain things and must have various questions in mind. 

So, here are the answers to some common questions you might have regarding cannabis dispensaries in Boston. 

Is It Legal to Possess Marijuana for Recreational Purposes in Boston?

Since 2016 marijuana has been legalized in the state, and since 2018, the sale of marijuana for recreational purposes has been legalized. However, you need to be over 21 to buy recreational marijuana. Even if you order marijuana online, you would have to present an ID during the delivery. 

Who Can Buy Cannabis?

As mentioned previously, you must be over 21 to buy recreational marijuana. However, if you have a medical card and need to buy medicinal marijuana, you must be over 18. 

Where to Consume Marijuana

Most people consume marijuana by rolling the buds into a blunt or a joint. But, since the legalization, you must be wondering if you could smoke anywhere in the city. But, that is not the case; it is illegal to smoke marijuana anywhere other than on private property. You can be penalized if you are ever caught smoking marijuana in any public place in Boston. 

Difference between Medicinal and Recreational Marijuana

The prime difference between medicinal and recreational marijuana lies within the substance’s chemical composition. 

Out of all the compounds in cannabis, THC and CBD are the most potent compounds. 

THC is responsible for inducing a psychoactive response as it provides you with the feeling of being high. On the other hand, CBD is responsible for treating ailments such as inflammation without making you high. 

While THC is equally beneficial, it triggers a psychoactive reaction wherein you will feel high. 

In medicinal marijuana, CBD is more potent as it provides you with all the benefits of the plant without making you high. At the same time, recreational marijuana boasts of more THC. 

Can a Person Buy Cannabis if They Are Visiting from Another State

As long as you are over the stipulated age, which is twenty in Boston, you buy marijuana in the city, no matter where you are. So, even if you are traveling to Boston, you can walk into any store and buy cannabis for yourself. 

However, if you wish to take marijuana back to your home state, it would depend on the rules and regulations of your particular state. 

Can Foreigners Buy Cannabis in Boston?

Yes, people from any country can buy cannabis from Boston dispensaries if they are over the required age limit. 

How Much Cannabis Can You Buy at One Time?

You can only buy up to one ounce of marijuana at a given time from any dispensary. But, if you are buying concentrates, you can buy up to five grams. 

How Much Marijuana Can You Possess?

You may carry at most one ounce of marijuana with you, whereas you can only keep up to ten ounces of marijuana at your residence. 

These are some common questions that you might have regarding cannabis for the dispensaries situated in Boston

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