Top 10 Reasons To Have A Yearly Chimney Sweep

Wondering if you should sweep your chimney clean or not? I guess you should! If the chimney is not cleaned properly, it might cause a fire. This thing is known by the name creosote, which is left behind after the wood is burnt. Creosote is combustible and can easily cause a fire. If you don’t know how to clean the chimney, you can call a chimney inspector who will inspect and clean the chimney for you. In short, it is essential to clean your chimney once or twice a year.

Here are the top 10 reasons to have your chimney swept clean once a year.

1. To stop the fire

We all know protecting our house from any fire is very important. And this can be your primary reason why Chimney sweeping becomes crucial for any homeowner. When you don’t do a yearly cleanup for your chimney, you increase the chances of having a fire. So, it’s important you have a yearly clean-up.

2. Financial Reasons

This can be one of the reasons to sweep your chimney clean once a year. If you don’t clean your chimney, you will have to finance a lot of damages later. Thus, why take risks when you can sweep your chimney clean once a year. If it is too hard for you to clean the chimney by yourself, you can hire professionals who would clean your chimney for you. Their job is to inspect the chimney and make sure that it is working just fine. For example, the chimney sweeps in the Seattle WA area; inspect and ensure that the chimney is perfect for use.

3. Disturbance

Sometimes not having your chimney cleaned can bother you at night. The reason is that sometimes, through the chimney cap, a bird or an insect enters and builds a nest later. They make all those scratching and rustling noises the entire night. This can cause a major sleep disturbance at night or on any day. By sweeping your chimney clean once a year, you would be free of all these disturbances.

4. Your place will get dirty

Not sweeping your chimney clean will not only make your chimney dirty but also your home. The reason is that the interiors of the chimney build up all sorts of soot. This will cause the soot to fly all over your place. In addition, there will be spiders and other insects which will start crawling all-around your house, making it dirtier.

5. More damage

More damage will be caused to the exteriors of your house if the chimney is anyhow blocked because the flames of the fire will be going outside, damaging the exteriors and the wall of your home. This will spoil the look of the house.

6. Bad smell

If your chimney is not cleaned and is damp, it will cause fungus and other bacteria to grow. This will result in a bad odor and bad smell all-around your house.

7. Smoke in your living room

If your chimney caps are not appropriately cleaned, it will cause the smoke which was supposed to go outside to backdraft into your living room. This means smoke in your living room which is toxic and bad for your health.

8. Chimney leaks

The flashing of your chimney may get weak, or your chimney cover may have been damaged. This will cause your chimney to start leaking. So, to prevent it, it is essential to get your chimney repaired.

9. Safety

If your chimney is swept clean, you will get a feeling of safety and will be able to sleep more peacefully in the night. In addition, your mental peace won’t be disrupted by thinking of various situations.

10. Hidden damages

By sweeping your chimney clean once a year, you would be able to discover hidden damages and have it repaired. This will also help you financially.

Final Thoughts

I hope you like our blog, and I hope we can make you understand why it is really necessary to sweep your chimney clean once a year.

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