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3 Reasons To Move To The Southeast

Every one of the nine states (Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia) that comprise the Southeast of the United States has so much to offer.

Aside from the incredible Southern hospitality, the Southeast provides a safe and scenic place to live. It’s an area where you can enjoy a range of great restaurants, indoor entertainment facilities, and outdoor activities.

Whether you’re planning on finding Mississippi Real Estate, settling in sunny Florida, or experiencing Tennessee in all its glory, you won’t regret relocating to the Southeast. Whichever state you choose to settle in, you will have a variety of amazing things right on your doorstep and integrate into a welcoming community.

Still not convinced about moving to the Southeast? Here are three reasons to relocate to one of the nine states in this area of the States. 

Southern Hospitality

There’s nowhere else in America that you will experience a warm welcome as you do in the Southeast. In all nine states, the locals have a friendly and charitable nature.

The population in the Southeast has a certain charm that you just can’t ignore. As soon as you move, your neighbors are bound to give you a lovely welcome by bringing around a homemade casserole or pecan pie!

You will have no trouble making friends in your new area and you will immediately feel settled and comfortable thanks to Southern hospitality.


One of the most attractive things about the Southeast is the amazing weather. Compared to other areas of the United States, the Southeast states have much warmer climates. The summer is long and the days are hot, which is perfect for a summer BBQ or day trip with your family.

Even in the middle of winter, the climate is fairly mild so you can enjoy more comfortable winters that are free of frost and snow. Depending on which of the nine states you settle in, the winters are short and sweet or a little harsher but the temperatures won’t dip below freezing.

If you want to avoid winter as much as possible, it’s best to stick to the regions around the South of Florida, where the weather is always pleasant. This state is popular as a winter vacation destination or a brand-new home if you aren’t a fan of cold winters.

Lower Taxes

There is no state income tax in Florida and Tennessee, meaning you can save more money and keep more of your yearly earnings. This money can be used to buy luxuries for your home or you can place it into an education or retirement fund.

The property taxes in the Southeast can also be much lower than elsewhere in the United States. This is ideal if you’re looking to buy a home or other real estate in the area.

Because of the lower taxes, the Southeast is a great place to spend your retirement or to relocate with your young family. Be sure to check the specific tax requirements of your state when you move, as each of the nine states in the Southeast have their own set of rules when it comes to taxes.

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