Getting ready for spring fashion

When you wake up tired and without energy, the best way to stimulate your body and mind is to dress well, comfortably, and in colors. Pants, skirts and light dresses are the best clothing choices for sunny spring days. You can make various stylish combinations with shorts or a t-shirt, and you can finally wear floral dresses, or dress in white from head to toe. If you haven’t updated your wardrobe for the upcoming season, now’s your chance. But be careful and shop smart. The hottest trend this season is being environmentally conscious, and buying clothes that are made of recycled materials, supports that trend.

Sporty chic

The sporty-elegant style has taken place among fashion trends, and it has never been more popular than today. Now you can wear sneakers with an elegant dress, coat, or mini skirt. In this way, you can dress for every occasion, from daytime to evening and business events. And if you support any environmentally conscious brand you will also make an important statement. Be mindful and aware of your impact on the environment. Choose business pants and pair them with a plain white T-shirt and sneakers. Who says suits are just a symbol of uniformity? They can be so much more when paired with right sporty clothes.

A spin on your street style

Add a baseball cap to your street style. A great baseball cap could be an integral part of your outfit. Being sporty doesn’t mean that you need to wear sports clothes from head to toe. A sporty look takes style – so you need to lean on your talent to combine clothing pieces in a stunning outfit.

Sun is here!

Do you have a yellow shirt, a light yellow dress, a slim yellow strap to add to the monochrome outfit or yellow shoes that will make your steps easier? This spring, yellow is simply worn everywhere. Choose your favorite shade of yellow and step boldly into the spring days. This color is great, however, unless you prefer yellow from head to toe, combine it with black, white or other pastel shades. You can also choose accessories in this sunny color.

Denim is timeless

Denim jeans are definitely the number one choice this year, so if you haven’t added them to your wardrobe yet, now is the time to do it. They are best combined with light-colored blouses making your look both simple and effective. A denim jacket is second on the list of clothing pieces that are among the leading trends. Different models and different shades will blend in with many of your fashion combinations. For a complete spring look, wear it with a floral pattern dress and sneakers.

Add a silk scarf

The silk neck scarf is in trend again! It is old-school and at the same time is an ideal detail to freshen up your outfit. Wear it with slimmer sweaters and dark jeans. When the temperatures go up, switch your jeans for brighter ones and pair your favorite shirt with a nice scarf. You can also wear various necklaces with your scarf for a more unique look. Pair the color of your jewelry with your silk scarf for a more stylish look.

Summer dress and comfortable jacket

For fans of casual style and comfortable fashion, a wide, vibrant dress is the right choice. But avoid putting away your winter jackets, yet. As protection against the spring breeze, pair your summer dress with a warm, plush jacket or a coat. Pairing clothing pieces made for different seasons will give your look more authenticity.

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