Top Secrets of Natalie Portman’s Style

Amongst numerous Hollywood celebrities, none of them are as sophisticated, natural and elegant and at the same time as wise and unique as the Oscar-winning actress Natalie Portman. She is a true glamor symbol for all the people around the globe, plus a hard-working mother and highly-educated individual. Therefore, it isn’t so dubious as to why many people wonder what is the secret to her appearance. Luckily, she is a gregarious and warm-hearted person as well, and consequently, she has shared some of her fashion hints, so read on to find out how to look immaculate just like her.


  • Eternal simplicity


Just like all other celebrities, Portman is utterly committed to following dress code rules when it comes to red carpet fashion. However, when she is off her “regular” work, Portman is all about casual elegance. Whenever she was seen on the streets during her off-work days, she was wearing nice, edgy jeans or high-waist trousers matched with a white ruffled blouse. Very often you would see her in worn-out denim and mix and match tops with darker colors like burgundy, gray or black or in t-shirts that express a strong message. So, don’t be afraid to wear basic boyfriend jeans with a cute-labeled t-shirt.


  • Opt for matching and comfy shoes


No matter the occasion, Portman will almost always choose comfortable high heels. Of course, this depends on the formality of the event, but she is usually wearing heels that match her current outfit. To look and feel sensational, you should choose your heels by the outfit and assure that it goes with the color of your garment. Heels make you keep your posture upright, thus enabling you to look exquisite and your best. Since heels are her favorite options when it comes to shoes, Portman would wear elegant pumps or peep-toe stilettos with an embellished heel.


  • Keep it simple


Again, there is nothing more sensuous like natural beauty. Natalie Portman’s beauty secrets lie in a few simple, yet useful, tips. First, drink tons of water. There is nothing better you can do for yourself then purify your entire organism, skin, and hair with water. Next, make sure that you have plenty of sleep. Feeling rested and the content will make you more alert and ready to take up any challenge that may lie in front of you. Last, her make-up beautifying routine is also as simple as it can be. Start your day with sun cream, then apply a little bit of quality foundation or make-up base, add some tint to your previously moisturized lips with Lucas’ PawPaw Ointment, and apply a hint of black mascara. And you will glow from the inside out.


  • Gracefulness at all times


Even if a formal event urges a celebrity like Natalie to wear her top-notch apparel, she is always striving to pinpoint her gracefulness. On formal events, you would see her wearing tight strapless dresses. From time to time, she would also expose a decent amount of cleavage or at least expose her naked shoulders. However, the accessories and jewelry pieces are meticulously chosen, but she would usually wear an extravagant pair of ravishing earrings and for something similar to her style I recommend you check this out. Her signature wear is the Dior’s perfume “Miss Dior” because it represents a tender and rebellious side of a woman. Wearing a perfume that exudes your character is the greatest secret a woman should know.


  • Fresh from inside out


In the end, it all comes down to what you intake. Portman is vegan and her food choice does make up for her impeccable skin, glowing hair and positive mood. Being refreshed, re-energized and uplifted from the inside is another one of her secrets to magnificent looks. Not only will looking after your food choices make you slim and fit, but this pure lifestyle, according to Portman will make you more environmentally conscious and mindful about the planet.

This natural beauty with a majestic smile doesn’t have many hidden secrets per se. Stay consistent with your desires in life, be persistent, follow your dreams and you will make it. Portman is a true example that anything is life can be done with a little bit of effort.

Written by nikola

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