Hair Care Tips During Monsoon

Hair Care Tips During Monsoon

We all enjoy a little rain, but increasing humidity levels during the monsoon render it challenging to control your hair. Issues like frizzy hair, dandruff, and hair-fall are becoming more popular. Yet, don’t encourage the rains to hit you. A new collection of beauty woes is coming upon the change of season. Your hair’s increased breakage, dullness, and perpetual moisture make hair care quite challenging. An easy alternative is to turn in your hair ingredients for monsoon-related ingredients and maintain the luscious and overall consistency of your hair.

Here are a few of the easy ways in which you can protect your hair during monsoon and keep them healthy and clean:

Using Essential oils

Various oils such as Almond, Clove, and Coconut keep your hair naturally smooth by moisture pumping and provide great deep conditioning. Take some time off some crazy day, and fire up the three essential oils you choose. Massage the scalp with it for a natural moisture boost and revitalize your dry hair. In addition, many hair products have essential oils as active ingredients, so you can go for them if you can’t take out enough time for oil massages.

Keeping your hair dry

Although it might be enticing to go out in the rain, or you might potentially get stuck in it, note that as soon as you walk into your house, take the time out to wash your hair and dry. Excess moisture is like welcoming bacteria to the scalp. One recommendation for hair treatment is to stop having the hair attached while it’s dirty.

Specialized Shampoos / Silicone Serums

Silicone has developed itself as one of the most robust anti-frizz additives in hair care. It is a good option for wet environments by covering your scalp as it eliminates frizz and gives your hair a visible shine. Select silicone-containing shampoos and beauty serums to see the results of the first treatment itself!

A leave-in conditioner

Rainwater is usually polluted and acidic. Choose a safe leave-in conditioner before going out, then dry the hair naturally. This can create a protective coating on your hair, covering it from harm that will bring rainwater. To avoid the hair looking healthy, it can work as a deodorizer.

Pyrithione Zinc

Have problems with dandruff during the rainy season? A product that rinses hair and controls fungi and yeasts on the scalp is all that is required. Zinc Pyrithione is an important component in anti-dandruff shampoos that can be used as needed. Simply combine it with a mild conditioner intended for oily hair during the monsoons.

Wrapping up

Monsoon has the power to inflict damage on your hair with its increased humidity and dullness in weather. To take proper care of your luscious hair, ensure that you prepare in advance by stocking your beauty shelf with the hair products mentioned above and following the essential hair care tips.

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