Health and Fitness Benefits of Water Sports

Water sports speak to our sense of fun and adventure. From paddle boarding to kayaking to just simply swimming, there is a huge variety of water sports to suit all interests and fitness levels. This is why water sports are such a popular choice of leisure activity nowadays. 

What is often underrated about water sports is the numerous health and fitness benefits which they provide. Doing water sports is, in fact, one of the most effective (and enjoyable) ways to improve the body’s physical and mental health. 

Water sports benefit the body and mind by… 

Contributing to weight loss 

Whether it’s a gentle swim or an energetic surf, water sports work every part of the body. This increases our metabolism allowing us to burn calories more quickly and ultimately to lose weight. The advantage of exercising in water rather than on land is that the body feels lighter making your workout seem less strenuous and allowing you to exercise for longer periods of time. If you are struggling to lose weight then water sports are an enjoyable way to encourage weight loss when factored into a healthy lifestyle and diet. 

Decreasing the risk of chronic illness 

Water sports keep the body moving and energised which decreases the risk of chronic illnesses like heart disease or diabetes. For people who suffer from chronic diseases like these, water sports are a good way to improve the body’s overall health. Water sports do not have to be high intensity. A gentle swim or paddle in the water will reduce stress and anxiety, doing wonders for your heart and contributing to the body’s weight loss at the same time. 

Being kind to joints and bones

Water sports are highly effective in improving bone density. More relaxed water sports such as canoeing and paddling have a low impact on joints making them a good choice for older people looking to improve their bone density. Whilst many land based sports like running are high impact and can be damaging to joints, water sports are soft on joints. The movement of water soothes aches and pains which is why water sports are helpful to those who suffer from arthritis

Improving your mood

 Water sports are a fantastic way to boost your mental wellbeing. The sense of tranquillity which flowing water provides can help to reduce stress and to relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression. Doing gentle water sports can provide a sense of calm whilst faster pace activities like water skiing can energise the body and instantly lighten your mood. 

With such a wide variety of water sports available it is easy to find an activity that will be beneficial to your individual physical and mental health requirements. With an increasing number of active lifestyle apps now available, it is easier than ever to factor activities like water sports into your routine. Before deciding on your next fitness activity, take a look at some of the top active apps to help you along the way. 

Written by George K.

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