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Today, nobody can deny that iPhone is still a symbol of style and progress despite the huge variety of other devices produced by different companies. Apple created and continues to develop an amazing smartphone that is over any rivalry. It is dainty, convenient, beautiful, and spectacular just like its owner. This phone underlines your taste and preferences of functionality with delicacy. Hence, it would be great to emphasize all these features with an ideal alligator skin iPhone case. iPhone deserves a luxury leather cover. So, let’s check some choosing tips before ordering a cover from the best producer ­ Labodet store.

Essential Questions before the Start

You should think over an ideal iPhone case before starting to look for one. It must:

  • match your expectations and needs
  • have high protection properties
  • be made of a reliable material
  • have a decent elegant design
  • be functional and have perfectly cut elements

Style or Functionality? Choose Both!

A lot of people think that they must decide on what is more important for them ­ a utility of an accessory or its beauty. Fortunately, nowadays, the market offers a tremendous assortment of cases for any taste and wallet. You do not need to choose only one option – take both! Functionality and style are usually shown by the model and material of a smartphone cover.

Available Types

According to clients’ requirements, designers create a wide range of case models. They can be sorted into two groups: classic and unconventional. In the first group are such types as:

  • classic ­ the most popular among customers. It is a traditional option, with no extra features
  • pouch and folio ­ both models cover the screen and guarantee higher protection

The second group includes:

  • crossbody model ­ it looks like a small bag and allows having both free hands and a phone nearby
  • strap ­ the most popular type among young customers who always hold iPhones in their hands and want to feel convenience during their chatting or Internet surfing
  • wallet ­ one or two special pockets for credit cards and necessary documents. It is the best model for men of affairs who need to carry everything with themselves
  • MagSafe ­ modern phones discharge very fast, mainly at the most unsuitable moment. Apple created a genius thing – a portable quick charger and a case reconcilable with it!

You can choose one of these case models or ask for a unique combination made specially for you!

Why Your Case Must be Leather

The genuine hide is naturally raw. Instinctively, we strain after everything natural because of our origin. Anything made of such materials calls warm sentiments. Leather is soft to touch and pleasant outwardly.

Also, skin is a strong material despite its sheerness. It perfectly endures the impact of the external environment. It is water- and airproof. Finally, leather nobly wears out. A lot of people think that chink and scratches make skin more attractive and distinguished.

Manufacturers of iPhone cases offer several kinds of leather:

  • Alligator
  • Ostrich
  • Crocodilian
  • Python
  • Calf

Every option has its beauty, and all depends on your preferences. We recommend choosing that skin, which is presented in your clothes or accessories to be able to mix all of them.

Reliable Producer

Everybody knows that a trustworthy manufacturer is half of a pleasant experience from buying any item. Parisian store Labodet seems to be the best producer of leather accessories for Apple devices from iPhones to AirPods. The absolute majority of their clients come back to order one more thing and write positive reviews. The quality of work and care of support service won’t leave anyone indifferent.

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