Herringbone Flooring is Beautiful and Sturdy and Much Sought After

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Herringbone flooring is popular among property owners in Canada both residential and commercial.  The strength, durability and of course, beauty have made it extremely popular over the past several years.  It is a type of hardwood flooring that is named after the herring fish bone patterns and was first used in Roman architecture thousands of years ago.  It is well received across the globe as it has a dynamic look to it compared to the types of flooring.

Simply put, it stands out and enhances any living or workspace.  After a slight lull in popularity a resurgence of this type of flooring is occurring in Canada.  The herringbone pattern can come in a variety of colours and is engineered using a tongue and groove pattern for installation.  Painting and staining can assist in deciding on colour, and the width of the planks can determine if the flooring is more contemporary or more classic.  This style of flooring was also popular with French royalty in the 16th and 17th Centuries.  It is more eye-catching than the typical chevron or straight lay patterns, as it is indeed more intricate in nature.

The selection of colors and styles now has made the resurgence possible. 

There are choices galore in herringbone flooring, and the costs of it are relatively affordable for most.  There are now also “pre-cut” options which are available for self-installations which saves the cost of having someone install the flooring.  Since herringbone floors are engineered, they generally are cheaper than solid wood floors, and the costs not quite as high.  All hardwood, however, is pricier than laminate, or carpeting, or even tile flooring.

The average cost of solid hardwood floors with installation amounts to approximately 5000.00 CAD for 550 square feet of floor space.  This price is for the solid wood flooring so the cost of herringbone flooring will not be that high.  However, many factors exist such as the removal of furniture from an area that is to be floored, as well as layers of subflooring which might be needed.

Is it possible to determine the exact cost of herringbone flooring installation? 

Yes, if a consultation with a reputable company is done first.  Herringbone flooring should always be discussed anyway before installation, as although it has a dramatic look to it, it also can make a room look smaller.  Traditional solid hardwood can make a room look more expansive whereas herringbone flooring will not do that.

Recommendations are in order with a certified installer as the flooring should last for as long as possible and all customers who choose this type of flooring should be satisfied thoroughly.  Some property owners, because the herringbone flooring can make a property look smaller, compensate for this by doing a “framing” around the outer edges with a chevron pattern.

Of course, this also will add to the cost.  The perfect points that the chevron style creates elongates the look of the herringbone.  There are many different methods and styles of combining the herringbone style of flooring with other types and styles of flooring.  It is impossible to determine the exact costs of herringbone flooring by a professional installer without an in-person consultation because of the variables.

However, the costs can be determined completely if an individual is very adept at handy work and chooses to self-install the flooring.  Then only the costs of the flooring and any subflooring and materials need to be factored in.

How much do herringbone floors then cost overall? 

To be fair, the price is simply very variable as explained before.  However, using the costs of hardwood as a basic price range would probably bring the cost to $5000 CAD for 550 square feet.  It will be less if self-installed, and less probably than the standard hardwood as it is a type of engineered flooring and not solid hardwood.  The colors, painting and staining, or the use of framing as also described above to enhance the look of the flooring must all be taken into consideration.

To reiterate, the way to cut back on costs the most is to self-install, although even with that method, individuals will need special tools to install the flooring.  However, self-installation removes all doubt about how much the herringbone floor will cost.  Great videos do exist on how to do self-installation which also includes great pictures of the patterns and design of herringbone flooring.

Self-installation of herringbone floors is not only cost-saving but seems easy to learn, as there are tongues and grooves and all different lengths involved in each pattern.  It is gaining acceptance as a beautiful type of flooring that can be more easily self-installed than hardwood.

Wood flooring is always more premium priced. 

However, it is also durable.  Herringbone patterned engineered wood flooring though adds a “wow” aesthetic to a home or business.  It can make everything else in a property stand out.  Although very few businesses go for the herringbone look some do to make their goods stand out.  Furniture and appliances in homes stand out with herringbone.  It is a perfect backdrop to almost anything that is placed on top of it.  It is a favourite of designers globally, not just in Canada, with its Parisian flair.  

Care is needed just as with all wooden flooring and scratches should be avoided, as well as harsh chemicals when cleaning.  Respect for this type of flooring needs to be given to enjoy it for as many years or decades as possible.  Because of the cost factor, it might not be a wise choice for heavily trafficked areas or for playrooms for children.  It is mostly sought out for kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, parlours, dining areas, and yes, even bathrooms as it gives a luxurious feel to a space.

Canadians are proud home and business owners, and this is exactly why there is a resurgence of interest in herringbone flooring within Canada now.  Aesthetically speaking, few other types of flooring can compete with herringbone flooring for creativity and “eye appeal.”

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