Home Library Design Ideas for Bookworms

Do you ever get nostalgic at the memory of heading down to your local library and spending hours on end there? Does the smell of old books make you feel all warm and fuzzy? If so, then we have found a way to make your dreams come true! Keep the memory alive and well with your very own at-home library. What better way to spend your days than cozy in your pajamas and with a good book? You don’t even have to leave your house or put on shoes!

To get you started, we have selected the best home library ideas for all you bookworms out there!

Comfy Seating

A hard backless stool while your family raises a ruckus in the other room should suffice, right? Said no one ever. Your first course of action when designing your at-home library is to create a relaxed ambiance in the area – and the best way to do that is through comfy seating. The folks over at advise you to be picky when selecting the right seating. This is why the innovative and inviting womb chair is a great choice to get you started.

This seating area for one will ensure a bookworm can relax and read without worrying about muscle knots. Another excellent choice would be a loveseat. If your at-home library is a rather small corner of the house, then it’s best to opt for sofas a little on the smaller side to fit in with the design. A loveseat ensures you can lie down with a good book without making the area appear crowded. You don’t want a crowded library with lots of seating because you won’t be able to feel that this is your private, personal space. Of course, if you have space, go all out with long, comfy sofas and plenty of cushions.

A Bookshelf

It is really important that you set the tone of the library you want before purchasing the bookshelf – and yes, you need a bookshelf. If you are opting for a more modern, spacious, and sleek appearance, then opting for smaller and narrower bookshelves would be your best bet. You can also consider having odd shelves built-in to the wall – this is a great solution if you can’t attain a larger room for the library. For larger libraries, we suggest you go big! Closet-sized bookshelves with sliding doors to protect your books from dust. If you want your at-home library to resemble your memories of the days you frequently visited one, then go old-school with wooden touches to your bookworm haven. A wooden bookshelf and a little desk table to match will bring the ambiance of a classic library to your home.


Lighting is very important because it sets the tone of the room. Soft lighting helps you relax, but you also want strong enough lighting that your eyes aren’t strained from trying to read in the dark. So, do purchase lamps and quality lights in the at-home library. Moreover, to establish a calming environment, add candles to achieve the soft light look. Candlelight automatically makes one feel relaxed and this way, you get to accomplish that soothing atmosphere and have bright enough light to get into your novel.

Color Schemes

If you are willing to go the extra mile, then choosing the appropriate color scheme is a great idea. This would mean that you get to handpick the vibe you want to get from the room. You decide what colors soothe you and you decide the different tones you want to incorporate in the room to make it as pleasant as possible. When creating your dream library, you have got to consider what makes you want to remain in the area. If you prefer one-color tones, then you can add plants around the room so the greenery brings the pop of color you need to brighten up the place. Furthermore, if using a single color seems a bit plain and boring to you, and you want to spruce up the place, opt for a pattern arrangement on material that is on either the sofa or an ottoman. Stick to one pattern though, so the room will have the dynamic you want, without seeming cluttered.

For most bookworms, the library becomes their safe haven. So, the beauty of creating your at-home library is that you get to create the haven yourself. Whether you go for the modern, spacious look, or an old-fashioned antique-style library, it has got to have an atmosphere that would make you feel the most relaxed. So, light some candles, get in your comfy chair, and settle in with a good book!

Written by George K.

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