Home Security Camera Caught Nanny Violently Shaking a 40-day-old Baby Girl

In a shocking case which bordered on domestic abuse, a nanny who was supposed to be taking care of a forty-day-old baby was caught violently shaking the baby on camera.

Domestic abuse occurs when those assigned to take care of individuals in a home setting subject such individuals to physical and sometimes emotional torture.

But domestic abuse is usually rampant between parent and child pairings and it is very unusual to see a nanny abusing his/her ward.

Home Security Camera Caught Nanny Violently Shaking a 40-day-old Baby Girl

Even more shocking is the fact that the child who was being abused is just a forty-day-old baby.

A first-time father who resides in China was certainly shocked to see his nanny who has been in his employ for barely a month violently shaking his daughter.

The nanny was caught on an hidden video camera footage which clearly showed her violently shaking the daughter of her employer for no just cause.

The incident which had happened a few days before it was discovered came to light when the father was testing the indoor security camera in another room and saw the footage taken by the camera.

The footage shows the nanny violently shaking his 40-day-old daughter and pushing her back and forth in scenes reminiscent of domestic abuse.

Home Security Camera Caught Nanny Violently Shaking a 40-day-old Baby Girl

The father of the daughter whose name has been discovered to be Mr. Fu was angry after viewing the footage and immediately confronted the nanny whose name has been withheld.

According to Qingdao Television Station, Mr. Fu questioned the nanny for her abusive behavior but according to him, she came up with a silly reason for the abuse.

According to Mr. Fu, the nanny replied by saying it was a normal way to take care of a newborn and that she was simply helping the baby burp.

Mr. Fu still maintains that the nanny abused his daughter as at a particular point in time she was seen slapping his forty-day-old baby right in the face.

The incident took place at his home in Qingdao, Shandong Province.

Although it is not clear at this time if Mr. Fu has involved the local police or filed a charge against the nanny but he has since fired the woman.

Shaking a baby especially one who hasn’t clocked a year on the age clock is not just a harmless prank as it has grave health implications.

‘Infants that were shaken violently with or without head injuries could suffer from Shaken Baby Syndrome, which can cause bleeding in their brains or the eyes’ stated NHS.

Such violent shaking can be a cause of child deaths and newborn babies are at greatest risk of injury from shaking.

In the aftermath of the incident, many internet users have expressed their outrage at the incidence.

Web users said the nanny was not qualified to take care of newborns and hoped to put her to shame in public.

‘This is definitely not a correct to burp a baby and she is only 40 days old. How could the nanny treat her like this,’ asked web user ‘wangxiaojing’.

Another who goes by the username yiersansui commented ‘Can I have her contact details, please? I would like to ask her where did she learn that way of burping a newborn’.

It does seem like a moot point but this nanny is definitely not capable of taking care of a baby.

Written by Evelyn Smith

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