How a Car Accident Can Change Your Life Forever

Car accidents can result in life-altering and sometimes fatal consequences. While some individuals walk away from an accident with minor injuries, others get severe physical and mental damage that can last for years, and often, a lifetime. And while in the moment of the crash, you might as well not be able to see the person responsible.

Once the accident happens, you can expect emotional and financial damages in your life. In some cases, your whole lifestyle can get turned around. And because of the expensive medical bills, you might find yourself unavailable to recover. This is where getting professional legal help can bring the necessary assistance you need to get your medical and vehicle-related claims from the person responsible. As mentioned by Stewart Law Offices, car accident attorneys can help you on the road to recovery by offering you multiple solutions and ways to claim financial compensation without any hassle. 

Aside from that, there are plenty of ways that an unfortunate car accident can change your life forever: 

Long-term physical injuries

The most serious results that can come out of a car accident are severe or irreversible injuries to the body. These injuries can be temporary, long-term or even permanent. For instance, you may lose the ability to walk. Other injuries can include brain damage, spinal cord fracture, and even severe burns.

Life without your beloved car

Being in a car accident does not only affect you, but can damage your car as well. If you are lucky, you will only get a few bumps and broken glass. Otherwise, the engine can also get damaged and you might find yourself without a car for a while. This can greatly impact you if you rely on your car for completing daily errands and reaching/leaving work. The worst part can be that you may not even have funds to repair it or get a new one.

Emotional damages resulting from a car accident

Car accidents can sometimes do more psychological damage than physical ones. You may feel an extreme fear of being in a car again. Some of the side effects after a car accident include post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, hallucinations, and stress due to financial losses from the injuries.

Lose the ability to do normal tasks

After a car accident, if you are injured, whether mentally or physically, you may lose the ability to do everyday tasks in a proper manner. For example, you may not be able to kneel well or use your hands to write. You may not be able to run or enjoy your favorite hobbies.

Traffic tickets after a car accident

When a car accident happens, you have to report it to the police. When they arrive, they will most probably try to investigate the person responsible. And if by any chance it is even closely your fault, then the police can leave you a heavy fine ticket or ask you to come to court.

The costs of car repair

After an accident, your car may have a lot of damaged parts. While some can be easily covered, other repairs can cost hundreds of dollars. Moreover, if your insurance denies helping out, you may be forced to take debts as a result.

Your insurance might charge higher premiums afterwards

The worst thing that can happen after a car accident is if you’re found guilty for causing the accident. Once your insurance company finds out, they might even increase your premium monthly charges. This can add to hundreds of dollars annually.

Legal fights after the accident

For any reason, if the accident claim can’t be resolved by both of the parties, then the issue can be taken to court. Legal battles are very time-consuming, costly and emotionally draining. Unfortunately, these battles have to be fought to recover the damage that was given.

Missing work time

For many people, work brings them daily financial support to put bread on the table. Especially if they have children. However, due to the accident, you may have several injuries that may take months to recover and you might either end up getting your salary deducted or losing the job completely. Due to this, you can put your family on a financial burden.

Getting into an accident can be both physically and mentally damaging. Not only does it affect your health and car, but can also make you lose your livelihood. Moreover, medical treatment can take an immense amount of time and money. For instance, doctors’ appointments, long hospital visits, medicine costs, therapy sessions and much more. The best advice would be to get an attorney that can fight for your rights and help to get you the financial help that you deserve.

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