How A Probate Attorney Can Help You with Your Case

Probate Attorney

Different lawyers help with other cases; you only need to know the right one to get in touch with. When you are looking at getting an attorney to deal with your estate when you’re gone, you need to hire a probate attorney. That’s the primary job of these types of lawyers; they do much more, though. 

These lawyers can also help you get part of the estate if you are a beneficiary of the deceased. But some underlying factors come with such cases. Below, you can find out how a probate attorney can help you with your issue. 

A complication in State Laws

Every state has different laws, and you can’t define the complications that come with them alone. You will need a probate lawyer to help you unease the difficulties in the law. The lawyer knows what the state law looks like and how to go around it.

The Type of Estate Plan the Decedent Set Up

The following reason you may need to hire a probate lawyer for your case is to find out the type of plan the decedent set up. To figure out specifics about the estate, it’s crucial to determine the plan set up. If not, it can be challenging to get through the case. 

Each plan is different when someone is setting up their estate and how it will be shared. Some have outright wills, others Trust, etc.; these are what the lawyer will help you break down. It will be easy to handle the case once the setup plan is figured out entirely. 

The Size of the Estate

It is also crucial to figure out the size of the estate if it is fairly shared. Before this is done, the lawyer will have to determine if the decedent left a Will, Trust, or all. There are some cases when they left nothing – this is the lawyer’s job to find out.  The New York real estate & estate planning attorneys have teams that will help determine the size of the estate left. On your own, you will not even know where to start from if you didn’t know the estate before. The lawyers’ teams have vast experience here and will find out all about the size of the estate. 

Contentious Beneficiary Relationships

Several people hire probate lawyers when there are contentious beneficiary relations. It is the case, as no one is better suited to handle the contention if not a lawyer. A lawyer won’t have any emotional attachment and will handle the issue objectively. 

There are times when the contention is already in court, and you need to have a lawyer to watch out for your interest. Here, a lawyer can help either with an out-of-court agreement or representation in court. Either way, you need to hire a lawyer in this scenario. 

Complication in Assets

Some assets present are complicated to share, especially if there wasn’t a Will left behind. Wills are usually set up in a vague language that doesn’t share everything. And this is when you will need probate, especially if the assets are a bit complicated. 

If there is a trust in place and the Trust has to be well-set up, in this case, you may not need to hire an attorney. But when there’s contention, the lawyer still comes in handy to have. Overall, for complicated assets, you need to hire probate to uncomplicate the situation. 

How A Probate Attorney Can Help You with Your Case

What Do Probates Do

The burning question you may have is this one, and for a good reason too. How can someone help your case with all the above? What does their day-to-day life look like? Below are some of the ways probate can help the executor and beneficiary;

  • Determine and paying inheritance taxes – these taxes are real and need to be paid in full
  • Identify all assets
  • Collect life insurance policy proceeds
  • Figure out paying estate and income taxes that may be due. Taxes are some of the complicated aspects of any inheritance; probates break them down quickly. 
  • Order property appraisals for real property
  • Paying debts
  • Open and manage estate’s checking account
  • Retitling assets – this is done to the beneficiary names
  • Prepare and file court documents

The beneficiaries of an estate don’t only need a probate lawyer, as most people would assume. They are pretty crucial to the executor of the Will too. When there’s a case involved, there are several ways probate can come in handy. These are some of the tasks a probate lawyer does and ways they can help you with your case. 

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