How Cloud Accounting Software Can Help You Keep Your Projects On Time

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In the age of technology, there is no longer any need to worry about how your business will survive when it enters a new market. You can start a business in a foreign country from the comfort of your own home and have people worldwide working for you. But with this fantastic opportunity comes enormous responsibility, time management. Managing finances has always been challenging for entrepreneurs because they have to work in so many different areas at once. Cloud accounting software gives even startups the ability to manage their money to focus on what’s important, getting their product out as quickly as possible. Here are ways how:

Instant Recording Of Income And Expenses

The cloud accounting software you use doesn’t just record everything for tax purposes. With Dynamics 365 Business Central software, you will make it easy to manage your finance. It can also provide you with an up-to-date report every second of the day. This way, you’ll know exactly how much money is in your bank account, which expenses need to be paid immediately, and which ones could wait a few days. This type of real-time data will empower any entrepreneur to make crucial business decisions without having to harass their bookkeeper for information.

A Cost And Time-effective Solution

Cloud accounting software can save entrepreneurs a substantial amount of money and time. For example, monthly subscription-based services and add-ons help cut out all of the overhead expenses that come with hiring new employees or leasing extra space in the office. All they have to do is pay for their virtual server space once per month, giving them access to all kinds of different applications designed to make running a business more straightforward, more efficient, and less time-consuming.

Real-time Alerts

It’s not enough to check your records now and then. Entrepreneurs need to know what they’re doing at all times. Real-time alerts will notify them when an expense is close to exceeding the budget, when a client hasn’t paid his bill in over 30 days, or when their most significant competitor has launched a new advertising campaign. Since most of these updates happen instantaneously, an entrepreneur can respond quickly instead of having to sit down with all of their records for hours on end.

Mobile Access

If it takes you more than 15 minutes to get home from the office every day, then you’re forced to use your smartphone as your primary business tool. If you don’t have access to all of your company’s data through a mobile app, then there’s no way that you can do any work after normal working hours or on the weekends. Cloud accounting software ensures that everyone has access to all of their information at any time and place, which will help entrepreneurs finally start taking advantage of all those empty hours in between meetings and other tasks that are already well documented.

File Your Taxes Easily

Tax time is stressful enough as it is. Still, when your bookkeeper doesn’t understand how you earn income, especially if you’re an online entrepreneur, things can get highly confusing quickly. Fortunately, before you file your taxes with cloud accounting software, everything will be calculated for you automatically based on the reports that you receive every hour/day/week. That means that you can print off the relevant reports and hand them to your accountant without having to worry about any data entry errors or incorrect arithmetic.

Help Ensure Accuracy

One of the primary reasons so many entrepreneurs have trouble staying on top of their financials is that they are bad at math. And who could blame them? Accounting isn’t exactly an easy subject to master. However, with cloud accounting software, you can’t do any math at all. Every transaction is automatically recorded and calculated for you, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not the figures on your reports are accurate or not.

Data Protection

Cloud accounting services can provide disaster recovery solutions. However, they’re not infallible either. That’s why entrepreneurs should always take advantage of two-step verification whenever possible to ensure that their data is safe, secure, and accessible only by them, even when they’re logged into the cloud accounting platform. Never rely on just a password or SSL encryption, as those might not be enough in the event of a cyberattack. Don’t wait until disaster strikes before deciding on a solid backup plan for all your company’s data.

Unique Access Rights For Each User

Although most cloud accounting software is designed with just one business owner in mind, that doesn’t mean that every entrepreneur is the same. Each user within a company’s network should log onto the cloud accounting platform and take advantage of everything it offers without sharing their login information with other people on staff. This way, no one can accidentally read or write sensitive data if they don’t have permission, and companies won’t lose any time trying to track down misplaced documentation at tax time.

Unlimited Add-ons

Remember that whole “unlimited add-ons” thing? Well, it applies to all cloud accounting software. Entrepreneurs are given full access to every available module in the system with no restrictions on feature usage whatsoever. It allows them to take their business in whichever direction they want without having to ask for approval or make changes by trial and error along the way.

Accessibility From Multiple Locations

For entrepreneurs who want full access to all their information from anywhere in the world, all they have to do is log onto their virtual server space and pull up a web browser. If they’re on a mobile device, it doesn’t matter if they’re using a Windows PC, Mac, or Linux machine. Any of these devices can access cloud accounting software.

In summary, cloud accounting software is the most efficient and accurate way for entrepreneurs to manage their accounts, especially if they already have bookkeepers or accountants on the payroll. But without this type of software at the helm, business owners are bound to make many mistakes along the way, which could cost them money, time, sanity (and potentially everything else).

Lease Accounting Software Makes Complex Lease Standards Easy To Follow

Some accounting standards are easy to follow throughout the accounting process, while others can be a little more complicated. Accounting for leases has historically been quite challenging, which is why there is some great accounting software out there to help with lease accounting. For example, the new FASB ASC 842 lease accounting standards have sought to reduce off-balance sheet activities, add transparency to operating lease contracts, and streamline accounting for leases. Remember, the lease accounting standards used to follow ASC 840, now it’s ASC 842. It covers rent expenses, commercial leases, and other lease liabilities. Lease accounting under FASB ASC 842 can be complex if you’re a business owner trying to get on with running your business, or an accountant who wants to streamline the process. It’s why lease accounting software can make things far easier because it knows what accounting standards to actively follow and subscribe too.

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