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How Coinberry Became The #1 Platform To Buy Bitcoin In Canada?

Coinberry happens to be number 1 in terms of regulations, user reviews, services, features on the platform, and fee when it comes to crypto exchange platforms in Canada. There are several crypto exchange platforms where you can buy Bitcoin as most of these platforms have it listed but if you are looking into how to buy crypto for the best price, look no further than Coinberry. 

Bitcoin has come a long way since its launch, and it’s only suitable that you buy yours from the number 1 exchange platform in Canada. We will discuss how Coinberry became the toast of exchange platforms in Canada.

Trading Bitcoin in Canada

Bitcoin is the most valuable crypto coin in the market today. In terms of popularity, it is also number one because almost every exchange platform lists it as one of the coins for trading. It is the only digital currency as of today that gives every fiat currency a run for its money, and it is also predicted to be the crypto coin that will be adopted as a legal tender.

In Canada, Bitcoin is legal, and everyone is free to trade Bitcoin on any registered and regulated platform in Canada. In Canada, Bitcoin can be traded on different platforms that are allowed to operate in Canada. There are regulated bodies in Canada that make sure that exchange platforms are registered and regulated to protect Canadians. The types of registrations these exchange platforms have determined the level of popularity they have in Canada.

Coinberry is one exchange platform that values the importance of regulation because it has ensured it obtains registration from relevant regulatory bodies in Canada. As a Bitcoin investor, it is essential to read about the regulations obtained by whichever crypto exchange platform you want to use. With Coinberry, you do not have to worry. It is as safe as you can get anywhere in the world.

How did Coinberry become the number 1 exchange platform in Canada?

Coinberry was established in 2017, and it has been at the forefront of crypto exchange platforms in Canada with different achievements that have arguably placed it as the number one crypto exchange platform in Canada. Coinberry was the first and second overall regulated crypto-only trading platform across all provinces and territories in Canada in terms of regulation. Getting regulated in whatever sector is not an easy task, 

but Coinberry, because of its assured service, was determined to get regulated, and it was successful after 3 years of trying. In doing so, they paved the way for other crypto exchange platforms to consider doing the same. Coinberry was one of the first companies to approach the Financial Transactions and Report Analysis Center of Canada (FINTRAC) to be registered before it was mandatory to do so. 

When Coinberry approached the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) for registration, the commission was yet to understand the crypto space. Coinberry walked it through the business of cryptocurrency, and the process of registration began from there with some level of trust. Between 2018 and 2019, the OSC visited the offices of Coinberry as part of the registration procedure, and by January 2021, Coinberry appeared in front of Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA)

This was particularly thorough because all the provinces had to be comfortable with the business practices of Coinberry. Finally, 8 months later, its registration was approved. Its efforts in registering with the relevant regulatory body only go to show that Coinberry is one of the best in Canada and a pacesetter on how the crypto exchange platform business should be operated. 

This was evident when it became one of the first Canadian cryptocurrency trading platforms to audit its first-year financial statement. It received a ‘clean’ or unqualified audit opinion from its auditors. In other words, Coinberry was certified that its financial statements are free from material misstatement. This shows the level of integrity and transparency at which they operate. No wonder crypto investors hold Coinberry in high regard.

Coinberry is also the leading crypto exchange platform in Canada on the business end. In terms of users, it boasts over 215 thousand accounts, and it has been able to grow the number of listed coins to 29. It confirmed in early March 2022 that it had crossed the $ billion threshold in crypto trading on its platform. Only a trusted and secure platform will achieve this feat in the short time that Coinberry was established. 

With the intention to take the company public and add more coins to its list, the sky is the limit for Coinberry. The reputation of Coinberry makes it easy for Bitcoin investors to trust the platform and trade as much Bitcoin they want. When it comes to trading, Coinberry has undoubtedly made some achievements that have made it one of, if not the best in Canada. 

Trading fees are one of the ways crypto exchange platforms get revenue, and it is one of the things that crypto investors consider before using a platform. To make their trading experience worthwhile, Coinberry became the first crypto exchange platform in Canada to introduce 0% funding and withdrawal fees. 

That takes an innovative business to make one of its revenue streams free to encourage more users and give them an excellent user experience. Coinberry also partnered with a Swiss-based cryptocurrency wallet giant, BRD. This partnership introduced about 1.2 million BRD customers to the platform. Coinberry has proven over time to be a secure and reliable crypto exchange platform where you can buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies offered on the platform. 

The platform is easy to use as it takes you about 60 seconds to register and start trading Bitcoin on Coinberry. You also enjoy 0% withdrawal and funding fees for your Bitcoin trading. Their offline security systems ensure that your bitcoin is safe and secure. In addition, the price at which to buy Bitcoin on the Coinberry platform is competitive, so you do not have to worry about an overpriced asset.

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