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How Does Home Security Package Help Keep a Safe Halloween?

How Does Home Security Package Help Keep a Safe Halloween

Increasing crime on Halloween night is no surprise which poses a daunting challenge to people to save their properties. The data shows that the crime peaks at 10 pm on Halloween night, which includes property vandalism, theft, and burglary, and in extreme cases, even murders. You need to safeguard your property at this special event so that you can enjoy the whole event without any unfortunate episode. To protect your life and belongings, Smonet is announcing a sale on an all-inclusive home security package that will help you to avoid any potential crime.

How can a home security package keep a safe home situation?

The home security package of Smonet comprises a Video doorbell, smart door lock, and wifi gateway. This package will help you stay safe at home irrespective of what the intruder tries to do to enter your house. While the smart lock keeps your entrance safe so that no potential criminal can break into your house, the Smonet camera video doorbell can give you a clear picture of who is present at the door. This way, you can see whether to open your door or not. Similarly, the wifi gateway assists you in connecting your multiple smart locks with each other quite easily.

How Does Home Security Package Help Keep a Safe Halloween?

Compositions and advantages of Smonet home security package

The smart home package comprises the following three masterpieces.

●    Fingerprint smart door lock

As the name suggests, you open the door with the help of your fingerprints that will help you not to allow any intruder to break into your house on Halloween. This biometric way of entering your house is not only time-saving for you but also rules out the possibility of an intruder making a duplicate key of your facility.

●    Smart Video Doorbell

A smart video doorbell is a way to see who is present at your door through a camera fitted in the bell. This is the best way to check if an intruder is present within the vicinity of your house so that you can decide if you want to open the door or not. Compared to the traditional bells, your risk of opening the door to an intruder reduces exponentially.

●    Wifi gateway

This state-of-the-art technology is a way to integrate all of your smart devices at home. With the wifi gateway, you can connect any two smart locks with each other and set the locking and unlocking of your doors as per your own requirements.

How Does Home Security Package Help Keep a Safe Halloween?

Other applications of the Home Security Package

Smonet package may be named as a home security package, but it does not mean that you can use it in your home only. As a matter of fact, you can use this package in various other facilities, even after Halloween, to make your property safe and secure.

Other than at house, you can use home security package at these places:

●    Hotels

As a business owner or a manager at the hotel, you might worry about your hotel’s security. However, Smonet’s home security package is what you need to solve most of your worries. You can protect as many doors of hotels as you want with smart locks. Not only this, but you can change the fingerprints of the locks according to the guest staying at the hotels.

●    Offices

Offices are yet another facility where the Smonet home security package can help you manage your security needs. Just like in the case of homes and hotels, you can safeguard your office entrance with the Smonet smart locks and smart video bells. In fact, in offices, this package is a must thing to have because you can have important belongings at offices and at nights when you are off to your home, these security measures can save you big money.

●    School Dormitory

The safety of children at the school dormitory is crucial, and you can protect them using a smart home security package by installing its components at the place of your needs.

How Does Home Security Package Help Keep a Safe Halloween?

Halloween Sale on Smonet

The time to save money is here as Smonet is announcing a Halloween sale on the home security package from 20th to 31st October. Get the whole package at a mere price of $189.57 instead of $229.97, certainly not a high price to pay to save your belongings worth thousands of dollars. With the fingerprint smart door lock of Smonet included in the package, you can open your door as early as 0.5 seconds, not to mention that it can save the event history of the last 500 door openings. As it comes with a 30 days free return alongside a 1-year warranty, you have nothing to lose. Included with this package is the smart doorbell, which is a wireless solution and provides you with an immediate alert if someone is caught within the line of sight of the bell. A smart wifi gateway is also included in the package and is an easy solution to connect your smart locks within 2 minutes.


In the last two decades, Smonet has learned the art of providing sustainable remote sensing and surveillance solutions. With the commitment to create more secure work and residential places, they are innovating in the field to ensure that your facilities are protected by the latest available technology. Having robust customer support is a big advantage of Smonet, which is not widely available in the market.

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