5 Upcoming Special Occasions to Wear ZALA Clip-In Hair Extensions

5 Upcoming Special Occasions to Wear ZALA Clip-In Hair Extensions

Holidays allow us to spend time with our families, focus on ourselves, travel, and celebrate. And when it comes to special occasions, we all want to look beautiful and glamorous. From your makeup to your outfit and hairstyle, you want to look your best in every aspect. 

But if your hair is not long or full enough to match your outfit or height, it may affect your overall look because you wouldn’t be able to pull your hair into a perfect style. After all, you don’t want to take away from your special occasions just because you have short or less voluminous hair. 

Fortunately, Zala clip-in hair extension sets have your back! From Christmas to Labour Day and every special occasion in between, Remy clip-in hair extensions allow you to wear long, luscious, and fuller hair for all occasions. The best part: clip hair extensions allow you to achieve your favourite hairstyles in minutes. 

Here are five upcoming special occasions to wear Zala clip-in hair extensions:

1. Christmas

Christmas provides us with the opportunity to dump all our dullness and step out lively and gorgeous. We all want to wear trendy clothes and wow-worthy hairstyles on this special occasion. If you’re undecided about your hairstyle for the occasion, we have some ideas for you.

You could try the half up half down hairstyles if your hair is on the voluminous side. And maybe you would like to get this hairstyle with a clip-in extension set if your hair lacks volume. Pull your hair into this Christmas hairstyle with clip-in extensions, and you’re sure to look cute and flirty instantly.

If you’re not up for the half up half down, consider getting a top knot or a Christmas bun with clip hair extensions. Other trendiest hairstyles for this upcoming Christmas include voluminous waves, beach waves, the shag, and more. All of these styles look gorgeous with clip-in Remy human hair extensions. 

2. Boxing Day

Even though Boxing Day originated as an occasion when employers and customers would give gifts to their employees and the poor, today it is mainly celebrated as a chill-out festival. And who doesn’t want to rock long, thick, and voluminous hair on such occasions? 

It is a good idea to give yourself a beauty makeover with a trendy style like braided hair this Boxing Day. Braided hair is iconic. It’s sure to make you look graceful, especially when you add clip-in human hair extensions to the mix. 

French braids, box braids, dutch braids…you name it! You can experiment with many different braids to find the one that can make you stand out on Boxing Day. 

3. New Year’s Eve

No matter if you want to attend a fun party with friends or go to a formal event, we know you want your hair to look luscious and beautiful on New Year’s Eve. Or maybe you don’t have big plans for the New Year and would, instead, like to celebrate the occasion from the comfort of your home. But just because you have no plans for a big event doesn’t mean you don’t have to look beautiful with an adorable hairstyle. 

It is good to make a fresh start this New Year with a hairstyle like updos with hair extensions. Remember that New Year’s-themed hairstyles get only better with clip hair extensions. They add more volume, length, and thickness to your hair, allowing you to pull your hair into the styles you love. 

4. Australia Day

Australia Day marks the arrival of the first fleet of British ships, paving the way for the creation of modern Australia. It’s a day to celebrate history, progress, and heritage with parties, pride parades, and fireworks everywhere. And what better occasion than such a big day to turn heads with an elegant hairstyle?

5. Labour Day

Labour Day is one of the most important days for every working individual. We, Australians, celebrate this day by sitting back, relaxing, spending time with friends and family, and having fun. And since it’s an important day, you want to wear a beautiful and bold hairstyle. 

We’d recommend a cascading waves hairstyle for Labour Day because it’s trendy and looks gorgeous on everyone. Consider getting a set of Zala clip-in hair extensions if your hair is short or lacks volume for the cascading waves.

Clip hair extensions make your hair look fuller, which means your curls will be more prominent. Depending on your preferences, you could wear your waves relaxed or tight. Be sure to tease the extensions a bit to get that noticeable glam look.

Zala clip-in extensions make it super easy to wear a gorgeous hairstyle this Australia Day. From cascading waves to half up half down and top knots to braids, you can instantly style clip-in hair extensions however you please. The extra length, volume, and thickness will make you look beautiful and bouncy throughout the day.

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