How Does Life as a Woman Pilot Look Like? 

International Society of Women Airline Pilots state that the pilot profession has a little more than 5% women internationally. The organization cites that there is a necessity of women pilot in the aviation industry to inspire as role models. This otherwise becomes hard for many women to imagine what it looks like being a woman pilot if they have never seen one. As per a report by CAPA in 2018, the percentage of women pilots in the US was even lesser, standing at 4.4%.

Despite the shortage of women pilots, it may surprise one to find that the number of women pilots in India stands at 12.4%. This is double the women pilot population the United States. So, if you aspire to become a woman pilot and want to know what it has in store for you, this article will inform you of the things that you can expect in this profession.

Things To Know Before Flying Professionally 

Before you choose to enroll yourself for a professional pilot training program, here are some details you must know with regard to what you can expect to become a pilot:

  • A pilot does not have a 5-day work week from 9 AM to 5 PM. You may have to work 12 hours one day and 3 hours on another.
  • The more experience you gain as a first officer role, the more you can expect to get paid. The pay-scale increases when you become a flight captain. The payment also depends on the type of airline you are flying with. You can expect a higher pay if you are a pilot in a leading airline instead of one that is not as prominent in the industry.
  • You will require a pilot’s license to fly the aircraft.

From the Woman at Work

Let’s get the firsthand account of how the work life as a pilot is, from a woman pilot herself:

A Captain of a private jet pilot said that the Operations team devised the flight plan taking into account several operational factors based on the destination and performing internal and external checks. As per her, the versatility and adaptability to be able to respond effectively to such changes are two important qualities that a pilot must have because there are things may change at the last minute.

Based on whether you are flying above a desert or a snow-capped mountain, you may have to weather the extremes of temperatures. Having a thick skin and responding to such changes is essential and might be challenging. Along with this, a pilot also requires communication skills and organizational skills to be able to collaborate effectively with people. You will also have to develop foresightedness and awareness of your surroundings. The more you take up activities that are outside your comfort zone, the closer you get to your success to your pilot journey.


The first step to becoming a pilot has a lot of financial cost involved. However, the return on investment is as great. You earn a fat salary as you gain experience and some amazing perks. There is a shortage of pilots in general in the aviation industry and women in the profession are noticeably inadequate. Therefore, this is the right time to enter and succeed in the profession without having to face too much competition if you are considering becoming a pilot. 

What’s more is, many times the trade unions determine the salary increase in this profession as per experience and seniority. So, if you are worrying about being a woman in the mostly male-dominated profession, you can keep the worry of salary gap at bay on that aspect.

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