Must-See Japan Landmarks in 2023

2023 is almost here, and there is much to look forward to. If you are planning a trip to Japan either with your family or solo, there are some iconic landmarks you should not miss. Some are close to each other, while others require separate trips. Most Japan tour packages feature attractions that are close to each other. Meanwhile, others focus on particular landmarks that are out of regular ways. Check out some of these must-see landmarks in Japan here.

Tokyu Kabukicho Tower

There is a lot to look forward to in 2023, and one of them is the Tokyu Kabukicho Tower. The complex, planned to be opened in 2023, is the country’s largest hotel and entertainment complex. The building will have 48 floors, five basement levels, and a penthouse. Within these will be a cinema, a live music venue, a Bandai amusement park, a wellness area, a food court, and many more attractions.

Most people still do not know what the Tokyo Kabukicho Tower will look like when it is opened. However, the scale of the project makes it one of the most anticipated launches to be announced for 2023. If you are planning a trip to Japan, you should situate it close to the opening date so you can be one of the first people to enjoy what the tower has to offer.

Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo is considered one of the world’s busiest intersections. This spot has the regular signs of a busy street, including large billboards, bustling shops, and tons of people moving around. However, the magic of Shibuya Crossing occurs when the traffic light turns red to incoming vehicles.

Pedestrians spill on the crosswalks heading in different directions in what is a magic of human movements. There are two options to experience the awe of Shibuya Crossing. The first is to grab a seat or stand at one of the surrounding story buildings to observe from afar. The more active option is to go down and join the crowd as they move around one another to their destinations.

Mount Fuji and the Five Lakes

Must-See Japan Landmarks in 2023


Mount Fuji is one of the most famous Japanese landmarks globally. It has seen millions of visitors admire its picturesque beauty. Some take pictures after walking around for a while. Others get active by hiking the mountain path or climbing the mountain. Both options are fantastic.

If you are only interested in the beauty of the area, you can explore the surrounding area, which also commands immense attention from visitors. The Five Lakes Region is known for its hot springs formed from volcanic activities in the area hundreds of years ago. These famous lakes are Kawaguchiko, Shojiko, Saiko, Yamanakako, and Motosuko.

Himeji Castle

Must-See Japan Landmarks in 2023


This list will be incomplete without the inclusion of the legendary Himeji Castle. The castle is a classic from the period when castles played a dominant role in the Japanese military and social cultures. Most castles during this period were built as fortresses against enemies, but Himeji stands out for its stunning beauty and sheer size.

You should visit Himeji Castle during the spring when the iconic cherry blossoms will be in full bloom. You can see these flowers in many places across Japan during this period, but few sights can hold a torch to the cherry blossom trees in Himeji Castle. The view of dainty flowers falling in the background of an imposing 400-year-old castle will make an impression you are unlikely to forget anytime soon.

Ogimachi Village

Japan is often called the country of the opposite due to its regard for both things of the past and present. You can experience many of these opposites during your visit to the country. After leaving the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, you can take a trip to Ogimachi Village in Shirakawago. This ancient village takes you back in time to the period of Japanese culture history books are made of.

In Ogimachi village, tourists can see well-preserved farmhouses from over two centuries ago. These houses are kept in their original condition while used for modern purposes. Most now serve as museums, restaurants, stores, and such. The UNESCO-designated World Heritage site is one sight you don’t want to miss on your next visit to the country.

There are so many iconic spots to visit in Japan, but you can only see some of them in a single visit. You can start by visiting the ones on this list now and gradually get to others with promises of astounding sights.

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