How to Avoid Dishonest Services While Choosing Essays for Sale

While looking for essay writing help, you will find many platforms that claim to offer credible services. A lot these ask you to pay for essay writing. However, like other industries, there are those platforms that stand out for offering the best service and those that do not. Some will even lie to their clients. So, to help you avoid dishonest services, here are a few tips.

Inquire from your friends

The first thing you need to do is talk to your friends. When people refer you to certain platforms, chances are that you will like the services you will receive. Your friends know you and some may know the kind of service you expect as well as the quality of work you may want. So, before you decide to work with a platform, you should ask them about the platforms they use. Good friends will lead you to platforms that will offer you great writing help.

There is no reason for you to make the same mistakes your friends make. Talk to them and get to know their experiences. From their experiences, choose the platform that appeals to you. This should be the first you do the moment you think of using online writing platforms. Talk to those around you.

Avoid the cheapest options

Cheap often becomes expensive especially when one factors in quality. While considering the platform to use, you need to avoid the cheapest options. Many platforms will brand themselves as the best online writing service. These platforms will also brag about their cheap options and how their prices are affordable. However, the majority never deliver the quality you expect from them. You will place your order and in the end, receive an essay that does not meet any of your requirements.

Christopher Mansfield, a content writer from Perfect Essay, recommends you to take your time while researching for the platform to use. You should not be in a hurry, and you also need to open your mind to the various options available. Some people end up working with the wrong platforms because they limit themselves to a few options. So, open your mind and review many options.

Request for plagiarism reports upon receipt of your essay

Plagiarism is a crime. If you are not aware of the term, plagiarism is the act of using someone’s work without acknowledging them. Today, thieves understand that they do not have to use guns anymore. One can take your work and pass it as their own, and make money off your hard work. This has become quite common because even students are doing it. However, this does not make it right and your teacher could punish you if they catch you.

So, when you ask for essays for sale, you need to get the assurance that the work is original. Your platform of choice has to make it clear to you that the work you receive is authentic. The writer must acknowledge every piece of information they borrow.

Request for writing samples

The best and easiest way to test and review the writing prowess of your writer is to request for samples. While going through the samples, you need to have a checklist of the things that should raise a red flag. Also, you need to have a checklist of the things that will help confirm the professionalism of your potential writer. For example, if the work includes ideas from other authors, you need to check whether the writer is acknowledging their work using citations. They also need to know different writing structures and formats. How they develop their content is also important.

Cody Rhodes, a Learning Specialist at, advises you to have your checklist ready with you every time you want to compare platforms. Your checklist will help save you a lot of trouble, time, and money.   

Ask questions and confirm you are working with specialists

Whether you want a pre-written essay for sale or a resume, you have to confirm that you are working with specialists. If you want a biology paper, you will be confident in the outcome if a biology specialist will handle your paper, right? So, you need to engage your writer and get to understand their background in the field among other things. Ask intentional questions that force them to call on their background for answers. This way, you will avoid having a literature specialist deliver your chemistry paper.

Inquire about the guarantees

Whether you are looking for resume writing help or essay writing help, you have to ask about the guarantees. Guarantees are the bare minimum that you should expect to receive from the platform of your choice. They include factors like money-back guarantee, on-time delivery, urgent order delivery, among others. These are crucial and you need to inquire about them before you decide to work with a particular platform. So, talk to the customer care desk and inquire more about your guarantees should you decide to work with the platform.

In conclusion, you need to be cautious when you are dealing with online platforms. The majority will lie to you and leave you angry and under a lot of stress because of the approaching deadline. So, take your time, and have an open mind as you review different platforms.

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