How to Build an Email Subscribers List

Keeping an existing customer saves you more with guaranteed ROI than trying to acquire a new one. If you focus on customer retention, you invest with a long-term and valuable solution for sustainable growth and revenue. However, it takes a great marketing strategy to cultivate such incredible loyalty. 

The Importance of Email List

Email marketing, when executed correctly, is a powerful tool to get in touch with your focused audience, thus a higher conversion rate, and guaranteed revenue to upscale your business. The trick is, you need to build this vital part of your business to succeed. 

Starting from scratch is challenging and seems impossible to think about if you don’t have an effective plan to build one, it’s going to stay and feel more like that. Your email subscriber list can be cultivated and grow organically by nurturing value in it.

Regardless of what business type you try to venture, keep in mind that your email list is the most valuable element of a successful marketing plan. The email list is an excellent place to share stories, showcase products or services, and promote business. It’s the best conversion rate from leads to sales. 

There are few practical tools used to optimize email lists and transition into guaranteed revenue. Some popular tools will promise higher conversion rates. Still, there is minimal to no risk involved with Active Campaign as all its features help nurture and upscale your business, be it small to medium-sized biz, it’s the perfect tool for active email sequencing. It’s one of the email marketing tools with positive feedback and testimonials from previous users. 

How To Effectively Build A Solid Email List 

Check out these proven strategies on how to build your email list like a pro.

  • Build a personalized call-to-action for every landing page or blog

Creating a personalized CTA doubles the potential subscriber for your newsletter or email list than using traditional CTAs. Site visitors are looking for something individually unique from your site. Check which page generates the most traffic and include a unique yet straightforward CTA for an email subscription. 

Offer contents related to your site and helpful content on your newsletter. It will have a personal touch and won’t sound like you’re always advertising products. Provide value, that’s how you can retain customers and have a higher conversion rate via email list.

  • Create a scheduled pop-up survey or pop-up/slide CTA for every page

To build your email list, appreciate the time your site visitors invest on a specific page. You can schedule a pop-up survey on the particular page after ten to fifteen seconds that the prospect has stayed on the given page.

Create a simple pop-up survey that answers simple inquiries. Avoid long survey forms and try to make everything short and precise.

The same goes for creating a pop-up ad or retargeting onsite. Schedule the slide promptly to appear when the visitor is at a certain percentage on the page.

  • Describe CTA value

To optimize your CTA button, you must add value to it and skip words like ‘sign-up now’ or ‘subscribe’. Instead, provide value to what you offer using upfront words like ‘Exclusive’, ‘Featured’, and more. It can be as simple yet powerful as ‘Access our EXCLUSIVE offer now”. 

Offering unique and valuable content on your site viewers an exclusive deal they shouldn’t miss. 

  • Use sarcasm/humor with CTA.

Injecting personality to CTA copies breaks the traditional norm of how site visitors see a pop-up CTA or sign-up button. 

  • Pitch email newsletter on email signature and SocMed accounts

Communicating daily with a diverse group of amazing people via social media or email means they are getting value to what you share. You can take advantage of this part to pitch newsletter links to get a personal touch and approach to your fan base or followers.

  • Encourage urgency to sign-ups

Strategically placing your personalized call-to-action button to provide value is the best technique to grow your email list. You can create a CTA which is relevant to your newsletter. 

  • Create an extra landing page

Creating an additional landing page that caters to various demographics enables you to get more sign-ups and subscribers. Your landing pages must answer multiple questions and provide value to your target audience or demographics. 

Include CTA to the ‘About Us’ page of your site. Regardless of how many visitors check that page, CTA popping can add potential subscribers with a custom-fit. 


The bottom line is, customer retention via email list is vital. Once you know the strategic way to increase your subscribers, you must know the do’s and don’ts. Avoid sending blatant emails that asked subscribers to buy your product as it can be annoying and more likely to hit your unsubscribe button.

Generating content that provides value is vital. Create emails with a personal touch and always include informative content without flooding your subscribers with spam-like emails.

Written by George K.

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