How to choose the best solitaire gold diamond ring in Singapore?

Have you decided to propose your girlfriend for marriage? If yes, you need to decide on the perfect date and make the necessary arrangements. Deciding on the best rooftop or seaside venue, the ideal backdrop, cuisine, wine, and background music is somewhat easy. Your years of courtship will make you know these details. However, choosing the best diamond proposal ring is challenging. Especially because, when it comes to diamonds, women still are slightly undecided about it. They love many variations, and that makes it difficult to focus on one particular ring type.

However, you can always opt-in for the best solitaire gold diamond ring. It blends in both convention and contemporary style. Today, several online diamond retailers provide the best variants for the same. To know more about this, you can check out Are you planning to buy one? If yes, you can refer to the smart tips below:

1. Get clear on the diamond style

Knowing a woman’s mind is challenging! But if you want to impress her with a diamond proposal ring, you need to read her mind and choices correctly. Ideally, a round diamond is what most women prefer, because of its versatility and timelessness. Does your girlfriend prefer the vintage style? If yes, then she might also like the cushion cut diamond as well. Few other unconventional choices include the pear, marquise, and the princess cut diamonds. Know what she prefers, before opting for one.

2. The diamond cut

You shouldn’t confuse this with the diamond shape! Instead, cut indicates a diamond’s symmetry, polish, and proportions. The diamond stone cut outlines its brilliance. And the quality depends entirely on the way diamond has been cut. The small facets and angles are of stone. Also, an inferior diamond cut will appear dull irrespective of the clarity and color. Concerning round diamond cuts, you might want to choose either the Ideal or Excellent cuts that come with 57 facets.

3. Clarity plays an important part

Usually, a diamond has two kinds of imperfections. You will often find blemishes on the stone surface. Also, there are inclusions, which you can spot inside. The diamond stores get graded between P2, 3 (Imperfect) to FL (Flawless). You should always choose an authentic and reputed online diamond retailer brand so that you get sire of “very slightly included” VS-1 grade diamonds that get tagged as “eye clean.” It means the diamond comprises of specks which one can detect only under the microscope.

4. Presentation matters

Most people concentrate on the technical aspects of a diamond engagement ring. The presentation sometimes gets wholly ruled out. It is essential to ensure that an online diamond retailer provides the best-crafted ring box that looks fancy and sober. It is necessary to consider the aesthetic part of choosing a diamond ring.

If you are going down on your knee and proposing marriage to your beloved, you need to get the complete packaging correct. Research online and choose a service provider that offers the best diamond rings as well as sober packaging. Let your fiancée remember the experience. Today, popular brands allow you to customize the ring design and packaging.

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