How To Choose the Perfect College For Yourself

Picking your college and major is one of the first big decisions in your life. It’s one that will help shape your future. There are hundreds of fields in hundreds of locations to pick from. Your college years are supposed to be some of your best years and a wrong choice might change that. Whether the choice is wrong or right depends on you and not the major itself. We’ve created a quick guide to help you choose the perfect college for you.

You Have to Study Hard

The better your grades are, the more choices you have when picking a college. That’s why you need to work hard on your grades. Not to mention that studying in college is on another level and is more difficult than high school studies. That’s because you’re more specialized and learn about your speciality in depth. It means you have yet another reason to study hard; to be prepared to take it to college-level when the time comes. Your high school gives you a kickstart, like an introduction, to different topics that you might learn more about in college.

The University

Picking a university is an important step. There must be one that you hear of occasionally. Some universities have great reputations and some have unique majors and minor subjects to study. It’s better to pick the major before college though. Research what universities are the best for the major you want to pursue. For example, if you want to major in international relations, you will search for a helpful link to guide you on which university to pick. This applies to all majors. Do thorough research early on, about all universities, to make it easier to apply when it’s time.

Take a Look at Your Classes

Do you find yourself particularly good at chemistry? Do you think that math just isn’t for you? Is English class your favorite place to be and you wish Charlotte Bronte was your best friend? Do you zone out whenever your teacher is discussing philosophy? All of these signs can help you pick your major. It’s not a good idea to pick a major you aren’t interested in. You might face pressure from your peers or your parents but, in the end, listen to what you truly want. Remember that you will study the major you pick every single day, not just for a few classes a week.

Grades are another factor. What is it you’re good at in high school? You find it much easier to learn, study, and achieve good results in exams when you pursue something you excel at. That could be the field you should go for. While it won’t necessarily be as easy as in college as it is in high school, it’s still better than a major that you have a hard time at grasping.

Your Dream Job

Finding out what you want to be in life will facilitate the process of picking a major. If you want a job that helps people, think about how you want to do that. Do you want to be a doctor and treat children in Africa? Do you want to be a lawyer and defend minorities in court? Of course, take into account other factors like your interests and grades. But if you know what you want already, you will work hard for it. For one, if you want to be a doctor, you will pay better attention to your biology teacher than if you wanted to be an accountant.

Rank Different Majors

After you make a list of school subjects you are good at, ones you are interested in, and your career aspirations, you can then make a list of majors. Come up with as many as you want, closely related or completely different, and rank them one by one. You can give a score to every choice depending on the criteria mentioned: interest, grades, and careers. That way you can come up with the 3 best choices and seriously consider them. You will surely find yourself leaning towards one of the top 3.

Picking your college major is never an easy choice. It’s the start of a lifetime of big decisions. Bear in mind that no major is a bad major; some just aren’t right for you. If you’re passionate and dedicated enough, you will succeed in most places. Our advice is to make the best out of your college years. Learn about life practically as much as you will learn academically. Come out of college as a different person who is more responsible and more ready to be an adult.

Written by George K.

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