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How To Create Perfect Resume From Zero

It’s like this – you have waited for a long time to find a suitable employment opportunity, and you have finally found your dream job. Now, it is time that you craft an impressive resume. Mind it; simply a good one will not be enough. Even an excellent one may not do well in the competition. The perfect resume is what you need to set the ball rolling.

Here are a few tips that can help you create the perfect resume:

Tailoring The Resume Contents

The perfect resume is the one that is tailored to a particular position or job vacancy. Everything listed on such a resume must show that you are an excellent match for the position. A perfect resume does not list any responsibilities or duties. Rather, it must show accomplishments in terms of numbers, savings, people trained, or orders fulfilled.

Focusing On The Resume Format

No matter what, your resume has to be elegant and presentable. Great resume formats may vary across fields and professions. However, all good resumes share some key aspects.

A cascade-style resume with a two-column design allows recruiters to dive right into the experience history and then quickly shift to the skillsets of the applicant.

Marking Achievements Over Responsibilities

While preparing the perfect resume, do not focus on what you have done. Rather highlight how you have fulfilled your duties and achievements. The best approach is to go for the PAR formula, which stands for Problem – Action – Result.

It means it would be best if you could highlight a strategy for, let’s say, a new campaign and then explain with statistics the progress over a certain period.

Validating Great Skills

The easiest method to improve a resume is to chip in the most relevant job skills. However, it implies that you need to list those skills that fit the job the most. The most effective approach is to list the technical skills followed by the transferable skills.

You must pay attention to the skill-related keywords and focus on those skills accordingly. The section for the skills must be separate. It helps recruiters to spot the qualifications quickly.

Crafting A Good Resume Profile

It is a short paragraph appearing at the top of the resume. The objective is to provide a brief synopsis of the top career wins and highlight why you are a suitable candidate.

It compels recruiters to go through the entire resume and acts as a trailer for what has been given in the job application. Consider it a short and sweet elevator speech.

Winning The Battle Against Robots

Here are the statistics that you must be aware of as a job seeker. Almost 75 percent of the hiring professionals take the help of ATS (Application Tracking Software) for managing the hiring process.

These applications can scan resumes to pinpoint the best ones. Although the bots are different, the overall working principle is the same. Modern ATS can easily read pdf documents; however, make sure there is a text layer.

Lastly, do not forget to attach a cover letter. If there is one, the chances of considering your resume almost doubles up. A great cover letter that goes with a resume is an advantage over those that do not have one. For more, visit

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