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How To Download Pinterest Videos 2022?

When you are looking for creative ideas either for making dresses, decorating hoes, selecting the perfect furniture for your room or some diet plans for you, Pinterest will help you. Pinterest is a social media platform where different people share their best ideas from all over the world in images, videos, or GIFs. You can access them by creating an account, but it is not possible to download videos and GIFs directly on Pinterest without the need to get help from a third party.

How can you download the Pinterest Videos?

Looking for the methods to download the videos on Pinterest? Do you not find a way to download your favorite video? No worries, we are here to share some wonderful ways to download Pinterest videos. Generally, we can use the following methods to save Pinterest videos. 

Online video downloader websites 

The first way you can use for downloading Pinterest videos is to go with websites like Stepdown. These websites use the extension URL when you copy the link to the Pinterest video and paste it into the search box. After processing, it shows you the preview of the Pinterest video, and below it, you see the option to download the video in different mediums like mp4 or mp3. 

Pinterest video downloader applications 

You can download Pinterest downloader applications on your iPhone or Android phone other than websites. Video downloader applications are working quickly by generating quick and quality results. All you need to do is provide a link, video downloader will convert your video with the best quality audio and video.

Things to keep in mind while using the video downloader 

When you are choosing a website or an application for a Pinterest video downloader, you should not choose it unintentionally. It would help if you looked for the quality of the website or application to avoid any harm to your device and get the best video quality.  

Look for a safe video downloader. 

First, choose the video downloader of a well-known and licensed party from the play store. It would help if you did not choose the video downloader with bad reviews, especially about harming the privacy or hardware of the device. 

Avoid using a downloader that appears with maximum ads 

When choosing a video downloader website, keep looking for its view. If it covers maximum space with ads popping up on the page, you should avoid using it. It may have virus or bug files that can harm your device. 

Looks for the video downloader with video conversion offers 

The best downloader is one that can convert the video into other modes like 3D or mp4 versions. 

Look for the best quality. 

Choose a video downloader that does not affect the quality of videos but delivers good quality content with safety to your device. 

Do not choose the downloader restricting you many times 

You should not choose online video downloaders that restrict you many times from downloading the videos and offering to download an app. These can be a scam and harm the privacy of your device. 


You can download Pinterest videos by using online video downloader websites or Pinterest video downloader applications for the AppStore of your device.

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