How to Ensure Safety on a Construction Site

How to Ensure Safety on a Construction Site

It’s common knowledge that construction sites can be dangerous places. Surrounded by heavy machinery and a mountain of building materials, it’s no secret that these sites can be hazardous. 

That’s why upholding the proper health and safety guidelines is absolutely paramount when it comes to keeping yourself and your team on site safe. Not only does this keep accidents to a minimum but also bear in mind there are construction laws and regulations that must legally be adhered to when on site. 

In this article, we explore some of the best practices to ensure safety at all times when on a construction site.

Prioritise Health and Safety

First and foremost you must make health and safety on the construction site a priority by instilling into every worker the importance of it. Reiterate this to all staff members wherever possible, in particular younger workers or new starters who may need further reminders.

Put Up Safety Signs

Investing in safety signs like those from RS can act as a friendly reminder to workers that they should adhere to health and safety when on site. This could be to make sure to wear a hardhat and protective equipment, or signs warning of dangerous hazards to be wary of. As well as helping to protect staff, these signs can also help to protect your business legally. By placing mandatory health and safety signs in the relevant places around the construction site, your business will be less liable for mistakes on behalf of employees who might suffer an injury due to not following safety regulations.

Wearing Protection

You must ensure that all employees have access to the relevant PPE, such as hardhats, gloves, and hi-vis vest, where applicable, at all times. While it is the responsibility of individual workers to wear this equipment, it’s always good practice for the project manager to reiterate this point to anyone who is seen on site with missing equipment.

Logging Accidents

Having an accident book is a legal requirement for any construction site. It enables businesses to comply with the legal requirements under the social security and health and safety legislation, including Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR) requirements. Due to the nature of the dangerous environment that workers are within, accidents can easily happen – even if someone takes their eye off the ball for just a split second. If your business is ever inspected by HSE, Logging every incident in the accident book can serve as evidence that you are conducting business in a professional manner by adhering to legal requirements.

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