What’s the Best Cryptocurrency Platform in Canada?

What's the Best Cryptocurrency Platform in Canada

Canadian traders are all wondering how to get in on the cryptocurrency action faster and with greater rewards. Millions of people all across the world are utilizing the fantastic opportunities that cryptocurrency holding and trading can provide, but many remain on the outside when it comes to this unique digital currency asset.

Institutional investors have been warming to these alternative currency options for a few years, and as Bitcoin and other crypto coins continue to perform at a record-setting pace, many more investors—from big banks and hedge funds to retail investors with just a few dollars in their pockets—are getting in on the action.

Finding a great platform to trade cryptocurrency is a must. Anyone thinking of buying into this new market space must do so through a cryptocurrency exchange, but selecting the right one for you among the hundreds of options can be a significant hurdle to access. With this guide, selecting the best cryptocurrency platform in Canada is simple and effective. From Kraken and Binance to Coinbase and Gemini, cryptocurrency traders utilize a wide variety of different options when it comes to buying, selling, and maintaining a portfolio of great crypto assets. With the lessons from this guide in mind, you can select the perfect place to store your digital assets and see exponential growth just like some of the best crypto investors in the world.

Investing begins with your personal needs.

What's the Best Cryptocurrency Platform in Canada?

Investing in any commodity asset is all about the personal goals that you hold as an investor, trader, and saver. No one can create a blueprint for success for you; instead, you have to look inward to discover the goals that you hold most valuable. Whether you’re looking for long-term growth or fast-paced action through day-trading strategies, the ultimate goals that you are chasing as an investor will dictate how you approach the market and, to some extent, the types of assets that you should purchase.

For instance, stock traders who play the long game often focus their energies almost entirely on index funds. The market itself grows in value by around 10 percent every year (annualized over its extended life span of 100-plus years). This means that long-hold investors can expect to earn around a 10 percent appreciation in their holdings year after year—but only if they don’t sell their shares.

On the other hand, many investors, crypto traders included, choose to focus on fast-moving assets that can net them small, realized profits on a daily basis. Unlike the buy-and-hold method, active traders are looking to create realized profits. This means selling for a profit in order to crystallize the added value within your overall holdings.

Focus on fees

For traders looking to make multiple moves in the market each day, a cryptocurrency exchange that charges rock-bottom fees for each action is probably the best bet. Long-hold traders don’t really have to worry about fee structure because they won’t be making very many orders. Yet for an active trader, fees can really dampen the profit margins on each action.

Alternatively, a long-term investor might prioritize security over all other aspects of the endeavor. For those who won’t be touching their assets much, an exchange that’s never been hacked is the perfect place to secure assets that promise a brighter future for you and your family.

There is a third option, however. Many of the most well-respected exchanges offer a comprehensive package that incorporates minimal fees and a variety of other great add-ins for the best user experience with crypto assets possible. Coinbase and other competitors in the arena won’t typically rank highest in any particular aspect of the trading experience, but combining high-quality offerings in a variety of spaces will give you a positive experience throughout the trading day.

With these elements in mind, make a smart choice when approaching any option in the cryptocurrency marketplace.

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