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How To Find The Top Rapid Drug Testing Kits

It can take a mental and physical toll to wonder whether your loved one is struggling with addiction. Regardless of whether it’s your partner, your child, relative, or a friend, if they are showing signs that they might be using, the first step to helping them get better is to confirm your suspicions and have them take a rapid drug test. Oftentimes, addicts will deny what they’re doing until they’re faced with the facts point-blank. However, not every drug test is the same – it can vary in how sensitive and precise it is, and in which substances it’s meant to pick up. Because it’s so important to get to the bottom of this, there are some tips that can help you find the top rapid drug testing kits that you should keep in mind.

1. Specialized Online Shops

The Internet has made it incredibly easy to shop for these drug tests, so even if you have no time to go around searching for them, you can find online shops that sell them. While most online pharmacies should carry at least one kind of drug test, going to a specialized online shop will ensure that you can find a 12 panel drug test that will give you reliable results. Since most, if not all of their business is based on products related to drug-abuse treatment, they are far more likely to carry high-quality kits than other online pharmacies. Contacting them through their customer support will also likely get you the advice of someone that specializes in this sort of thing, which can make your search for the top rapid drug testing kits even easier. Plus, getting advice from experts in this field will narrow down your options to only those that are high quality, accurate and sensitive.

2. Read Articles

How To Find The Top Rapid Drug Testing Kits

Unfortunately, drug abuse is an increasingly common occurrence. While that’s obviously a bad thing, the one silver lining is that you can find a lot of online articles that are dedicated to explaining how you can determine if someone is using – if you’re still feeling unsure on whether or not to get the test, or what drug addiction treatment might look like. Reading up on these articles can help you feel like you’re not alone, and that there are other people out there that share your concerns. It will also give you the confidence to know what kind of drug test is best suited for helping you get an idea of whether or not they’re using.

3. Rewies And Online Support Groups

Much like with anything else, you can go online and look for other people’s experiences with one drug test or another. Reading reviews is a great way to gain insight into a bigger pool of people’s opinions than you would if you’d just ask the people you know. It can also give you more information on which drug tests are the easiest to use, or which ones take less time to process. Some drug tests require you to buy additional things like a cup, so having insight into the people’s experiences with them can give you an idea of which ones give the most precise results as well as which are the easiest to use. The same can be said about finding online support groups – once you join one, you make connections with people that are going through the exact same thing as you, and at least some of them have already tried drug testing kits.

4. Contact A Rehab Center

Obviously, if there’s someone that’s going to know which drug tests are the most reliable, it’s going to be a person working at an established rehab center. While they might not sell them themselves, they will definitely have insight into which ones are worth buying. Apart from that, they might also be able to give you some advice on how you can approach your loved one with this so that the conversation goes as constructively as possible. Asking someone to take a drug test if they’re not actually using can be pretty damaging to that relationship. This is why it’s important to do it only after you’re pretty certain that that is the case, and in a way that makes it clear that you’re doing this out of genuine concern for their health.

5. Ask A Doctor

Similarly to the above, if you’re pretty certain that your loved one is using drugs, you can ask a doctor for their insight on what kind of rapid drug testing kit you should be getting. They might answer with different advice than someone working at a rehab center, but it can give you an idea of which ones are more accurate and sensitive than others. Keep in mind that, if a doctor isn’t specialized in treating addiction they might not know all the ins and outs of drug testing kits. In this case, you can talk to a specialist in addiction disorders or another doctor that has dealt with similar cases before.

6. Talk To A Pharmacist

Finally, talking to a pharmacist can prove to be a good decision. Even though they don’t specialize in treating addiction, they do sell the kits so they can tell you which ones people seem to be buying the most. If you have a reason to believe that your loved one is addicted to a specific substance, you can ask them if they carry tests designed to detect the presence of that substance in the user’s system. If, on the other hand, you have a strong suspicion that the person in question is using, but you’re not sure which substances, you can ask the pharmacist which test covers the most drugs at once. A pharmacist might not be able to give you any medical advice, but they can definitely point you in the right direction when it comes to quality kits that are easy to use. In this way, they’ll know exactly which ones people buy most often and it will make your life a lot easier.

How To Find The Top Rapid Drug Testing Kits

Asking your loved one to take a drug test can be daunting for both of you, but with these tips in mind, it’s much easier to find the best rapid drug testing kits that are within your price range. Taking the time to read up on this is an investment in the relationship. The most important thing to remember here is that not every test will show the same results, and some can be more accurate than others. You should always do your research before you buy one of these tests because it could make all the difference for both of you.

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