How to Find your Interior Design Style?

How to find your interior design style

Finding your style when you finally get the opportunity to set up your place according to your tastes can, sometimes, be a genuine challenge!

As we often say to clients, the first important step of home design projects is to know or find your exact style. But what would be the perfect way to do that? Research – going through all these different styles, you will inevitably find yours! Then, you can also mix styles and create your own design – but beware of some unchangeable mistakes!

For such experiments, we recommend a ratio of 70/30%, for example – 70% Classicism and 30% Minimalism. Here, the mix is based on using two opposing styles.

If you have a room or even an entire house or apartment to decorate, the task can seem quite overwhelming. It’s easy to feel intimidated as a rookie, when so many people seem to have a natural and well-defined style. But there is nothing to fear! Developing your taste and creating your own style is something you can learn. Here’s how to get there↓

Look at your home from a new, fresh point of view

When you see (and live in) a place every day, you end up not really observing it anymore. But by taking a look at it in a conscious way, you can find new ways to work with your space, environment and possibilities.

Take a tour of your home and notice what stands out, what you like, what you don’t. Do you find that your interior lacks life, a finished look? Do you like the predominant materials that your furniture is made of? Is there one area that you prefer more than the others? What works and what just doesn’t?

Answering such questions is the first step, which will make you better understand your tastes as well as the positive sides of the space in question.

Identify your most favoured details

Everyone has a set of items that always come to mind when they hear the question “what do you like in your home?”. It can be an antique piece of furniture that you have inherited, or even a frame that you adore and that you have had for years. It can, however, also be an item that you do not own, but that you have dreamed of for a long time, for example, a huge natural wood dining table or an iconic, leather sofa, which can be found here, at Nyfurnitureoutlets.

These elements can form the basis of your decoration project and, by extension, of your style. When you organize everything around a favoured item, imagining the decoration of the room that suits it, it all suddenly becomes easier and more anchored in your head.

Learn about the different styles

The good news is that, with the help of the mighty Internet, it’s easier than ever to learn about different decorating styles! If you want to better understand existing styles (classic, rustic, modern, vintage, industrial, Zen, etc.) as well as the design currents that underlie them, there is a lot of information available on the web.

Read decoration blogs or look on Pinterest for ideas related to different styles. The beauty of these platforms is that they are very visual and allow you to immediately discern what you like and what is just not for you. After a while, your eye will become sharper and you will understand much better what moves your heart.

Rate what you find inspiring

Pinterest or home decor magazines with finished interiors are a good start, but what’s important to understand is that inspiration comes from everywhere, not necessarily just when looking for it.

Inspiration may come from the decor of a TV commercial, because you liked the warm minimalism it evoked. It can also come from a nice combination of colors and textures, which happens, for example, the moment you put your colorful handbag on a sober, brown coffee table and enjoy that morning drink. It can come from a beautiful old item seen in a shop window, or even while witnessing the sublime hues of a sunset.

You can jot down these little daily inspirations in a notepad. In the long run, not only will you surely find ideas there, but you will certainly begin to recognize a certain pattern of your taste.

It is always ok to mix several styles!

As we’ve already mentioned before, sometimes you get the impression that there is an unwritten law in decoration, according to which a room (or even an entire interior) must absolutely conform to one and the same style. Nothing has ever been less true!

The best designers are those who manage to mix different pieces from different eras and styles. This is what makes a space more alive, authentic, interesting, more complete.

Your own style is actually (probably) a mix of existing styles. For example, if you like modern furniture, it is quite possible to combine it with more traditional elements (even in the same room). Just imagine – a mix of natural stone, decorative moldings, curtains with a pattern or more classic accessories!

Trust yourself and your tastes

There are often many stressful things in life, but decorating shouldn’t be one of them. The goal is not to achieve a perfect, flawless and immutable result, but rather to create an interior that resembles your personality and makes you vibrate.

Don’t be perfectionist-ish or spend hours weighing the pros and cons of a lighter color versus a darker one. Trust your instincts, the love you have for your space and, of course, also think of the well-being of the people who share it with you.

It doesn’t have to be that complicated!

How to Find your Interior Design Style?

With a little time, research, thought and (sometimes) trial and error, you will undoubtedly be able to find your own decor style. And remember it’s important to do this, so that your interior really reflects your personality and your tastes! This way, all those little elements will make your house or flat become a real home.

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