How To Get Hunter Eyes?

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Would you ever want to have the “eyes of a predator?” Well, that’s what many people on the internet are talking about. Hunter eyes are what the trait is termed as. But what exactly is it?

According to reports, hunter eyes are defined as “a pair of eyes that are deeper set in the skull, have no visible sclera, are relatively thin, have a positive canthal tilt, and overall attractive.” If it sounds enticing to you from the description, be assured that you aren’t the only person.

With the basic idea about hunter eyes out of the way, let us walk you through all the factors you need to understand about it and its influence in deriving the edgy and predator-like stance.

What Are Hunter Eyes?

Contrary to popular belief, Hunter eyes aren’t simply a cosmetic trend or makeup hack. It is a genetic trait that several people are born with. So, how do we define hunter eyes?

Hunter eyes are the shape and appearance of the eyes that are deeply set into the far back position in the skull. The distance is influenced by the orientation of the orbit bones in the person.

With how quickly the concept of hunter eyes has started trending on the internet, many people have this misconception that it’s one of those make-up trends that temporarily alter the shape and appearance of the eyes.

That isn’t the case in reality. Hunter eyes are largely, if not entirely, genetic. It is a lot common in models. Achieving the hunter eyes without genetic predisposition would require an individual to consistently chew hard foods for years, enough to compress the orbital bones and achieve the deep socketed and predatory glance.

One unique trait that’s a definitive trait of hunter eyes is the positive canthal lift. It is a physical trait that happens when the lateral canthus in an individual is positioned slightly higher than the medial canthus, giving the eyes a sharper and more edgy look instead of a sloppy appearance.

This is one of the reasons why people with hunter eyes are often said to have a “predatory stance.”

Can You Develop Hunter Eyes?

To say that you can never develop Hunter eyes would be a wrong statement. In fact, with proper and consistent natural face muscle training, it is eventually possible to achieve hunter eyes.

This process is called mewing and has become quite the talk on the internet even since the concept of hunter-eyes started to dominate the internet. That said, it is also true that acquiring hunter eyes is an inherited trait for the most part.

However, practicing mewing consistently and doing the right exercise can transform the facial structure, inducing a face beyond the realm of genetic influence. It is an effective and non-invasive method ideal for people who want to develop and achieve hunter eyes but don’t want to undergo invasive and risky cosmetic surgeries.

Mewing targets the facial muscles, and training it regularly with effective exercises can transform its appearance and attain a sharper look around the eye muscles.

How To Get Hunter Eyes?

We discussed the natural technique or muscle training exercise you could do to achieve hunter eyes. Mewing is typically the first step most people opt for when developing hunter eyes.

If you want quicker results, the best way is to check out cosmetic surgical interventions. There are a few that are gaining traction currently:

1. Canthoplasty

This is the kind of surgery involving the canthi of the eye to achieve a sharper and more attractive look. The most common type is called lateral canthoplasty.

During this procedure, the surgeon cuts a slit across the lateral part of the eye and then severs the canthal tendon attached to the orbital rim. Then it’s adjusted and reattached to attain a stretched and raised look of the lateral canthus.

Another type of canthoplasty that’s common is called epicanthoplasty. This procedure enlarges the eyes horizontally to achieve a more prominent look.

The last variant is canthopexy, a slightly safer alternative to lateral canthoplasty since it doesn’t involve slits or incisions. Instead, it only involves extra stitches around the tendons and muscles to raise the canthus and achieve the hunter-eyes look.

2. Blepharoplasty

People with hunter eyes not just have an elongated eye but also lack droopy eyelids. So, it goes without saying that if you want to achieve hunter eyes, you’d need eyelid surgery to reduce the droopiness and enhance the laxity of the eyelid.

Once the surgery is done, the eyelid becomes a lot tauter instead of remaining flaccid, giving the eyes a straight, enlarged, and edgy look, all characteristic traits of hunter eyes.

3. Ptosis Repair

Another surgical intervention common with achieving hunter eyes is getting ptosis repair. This fixes the drooping upper eyelid in the patient by tightening the eyelid muscles.

More than for cosmetic purposes, ptosis repair is a medical necessity for a few individuals who have suffered through trauma or disease that contributes to ptosis in the first place. But, on the flip side, the surgery can also be used to achieve hunter’s eyes.

4. Almond Eye Surgery

The almond eye shape is considered the conventionally attractive eye shape that Dr. Taban once popularized. You will notice that most people with hunter eyes have an almond shape to their eyes as well.

Now, the surgery is an extensive surgery combining different eye surgeries, including canthoplasty, ptosis repair, and lower eyelid retraction.

Most people who undergo almond eye surgery have a more refreshed look to their appearance, which is unique when you think of it. However, having a deeply socketed eye is also necessary to achieve the ideal hunter-eye appearance that everyone is raving about.

How To Use Mewing To Achieve Hunter Eyes Naturally?

Not everyone has the means or the need to undergo permanent altering surgeries like the abovementioned ones. In that case, mewing is the safest and most non-invasive method that works well for everyone.

Following are five tips you can follow:

Make It A Habit – Mewing is a time-consuming process requiring you to stay patient to get desired results. You can’t expect things to turn out well in your favor immediately. So, making mewing a part of your daily routine is mandatory.

Swallow Your Tongue – Press the tongue hard against the palate when doing any mewing exercises. It yields promising results.

Posture Matters – When practicing mewing, you have to sit with your back straight. Good posture will affect the neck muscles, strengthening them in the process.

Breathe Through The Nose – Inhaling through the nose while mewing is essential to involve all the facial and throat muscles.

Stay Patient – Mewing doesn’t yield instant results. It can take months or years to start noticing favorable results in achieving hunter eyes, so consider that.

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That’s pretty much everything you need to know about hunter eyes and how to attain it naturally and through surgical interventions. If you are adamant about achieving that sharp and predatory look, we recommend you start with the natural mewing method before considering any kind of permanent surgery.

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