How to Have More Peace of Mind When Traveling to Dangerous Destinations

People enjoy traveling for various reasons. Sometimes we want to break free from everyday life or learn a new language and meet new people. Although most people like to spend their time in a safe environment, adventurists enjoy taking risks and visiting places that others might not even consider.

Wherever you go, there’s a risk of getting robbed and if you go through our short guide, you’ll do everything necessary to protect yourself and your possessions. 

Do Your Homework

When you’re going to a country where there’s a civil war or a poor country where everything and everyone can disappear quickly, you have to do your homework and get as much information as possible. For broad information, try to go around the mainstream media and read more about what people have to say about what’s happening.

Spend some time figuring out the safest places in the country so that you can plan the rest of your trip around that.

Plan Your Route Carefully

When you start creating your route, plan it carefully to ensure you’re always taking the right way, and keep in mind that some locals might misguide you. With many carjacking incidents, unauthorized roadblocks, and armed abductions, any traveler is safe only if they’re using local guides or well-known routes.

Research the areas you’re about to visit, gather as much information possible about the roads, accommodation so that you’re aware of any potential danger. Proper route planning is essential for every traveler as that’s the only way to avoid getting into risky situations.

Prepare Yourself

Any well-prepared traveler should always have a plan of action in case it gets in trouble. Write all-important numbers on a piece of paper to have them in case someone steals your smartphone. When you decide to travel, consult with insurance specialists to get the proper travel insurance. That way, you’re ensuring that a local hospital can treat your injuries and help you with potential allergies or vaccination.

Create a backup of all your traveling documents and save them on your email. Plus, make copies to have them in your backpack just in case if your passport gets stolen.

Get a small medical kit for travelers to have all the necessary medication with you at all times. If you’re taking the medication regularly, bring a copy of the doctor’s report to show it if someone starts asking about them. Bring some pain relief pills or probiotics in case you get food poisoning.

Lastly, buy a money belt always to have all your documents and money close. Of course, you should put your money in several places in your pocket or backpack. With a belt, you’ll know that.

Be Sensible and Respectful

Tourists often find themselves in a problematic situation because they forget they’re not at home. When you’re traveling through countries that aren’t safe, try to control your alcohol intake as you’re creating a situation where someone can steal your things. Be mindful of the place where you are and the people surrounding you to make the best choices.

Another thing you have to be aware of is the religion of the country you’re visiting. Learn more about local customs and beliefs to avoid being offensive in any way. Should you find out that there’s a curfew, obey it and don’t risk getting caught by the police.

Choose Your Attire

How to Have More Peace of Mind When Traveling to Dangerous Destinations

Every country has known rules on how people should dress. Even if it’s hot, if you’re in a country where women have to cover their hair, you should respect it. Also, make sure you don’t have flashy jewelry, watches, or carry expensive phones or tablets with you.

In some parts of the world, even if you wear regular clothes according to your standards, locals will perceive you as rich and might steal from you. That’s why try to blend in by wearing simple shorts, pants, or a shirt that won’t seem too expensive. Forget about wearing pricey accessories because they’ll attract too much attention.

Adventure Awaits

Traveling around the world is a challenge, especially if your route takes you through dangerous countries. If you want to be fully prepared, learn about the countries, write a few useful phrases, and assess your risks. The less stuff you bring with you, the easier it would be to finish your trip without getting robbed.

Now that you know more about what you need to do and prepare yourself for a long trip, you might reconsider your trip or reroute from specific cities or countries. Traveling is an exciting experience, and nothing feels better than the excitement of the road ahead. 

Written by George K.

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