How to lose belly fat with cardio exercise

If you want to burn belly fat, then choosing the right cardio which increases your heart rate is the best option for you. The exercise works best than the sit-ups. Choosing the right cardio is important since it must be a HIIT workout and high-intensity exercises.

Is Cardio Exercise the Best Method of Losing Belly Fat?

The first and most essential to losing belly fat is the diet. A poor diet can make disappointing results after cardio since you won’t achieve. So refined sugars, carbs, and extra calories should be avoided and replaced with lean proteins, vegetables, and fruits.

The second greatest factor is working out, explicitly cardio. When combined with a decreased calorie diet, cardio makes you have a calorie deficit, which means you eat fewer calories than you are burning. Hence the body takes advantage of stored fat to meet energy demands, this ends up consuming the belly fat.

Generally, you can’t can’t explicitly target belly fat, meaning that you get a general body weight loss with time, this helps losing belly fat. The weight loss process is heavily reliant on genetic makeup, meaning some will lose fat faster than others subjected in the same program.

Picking The Right Cardio For Burning Belly Fat

The sort of cardio you pick relies on the intensity of performing it. Therefore it’s advisable to perform the exercise at high intensities to burn the fat. All exercises are good but the method of performing matters a lot.

High-Intensity Cardio Exercise

In a recent medical study showed that people who raised their pulse rate of 75% or greater consumed about 1000 calories each week for 12 weeks had lost more fat than those at low-intensity exercise. Also, the individuals who consumed a similar number of calories with lower or moderate intensity failed to get a similar decrease in belly fat. Hence intensity of performing cardio is the key point.

For perform high-intensity cardio, get ready for 5-10 minutes at a simple pace with simple activity that could be a bike, outdoor track or treadmill. After that perform your main exercise for 20 min at an intensity of 70-80% heart rate. Then after the cardio cool down for a couple of minutes.

HIIT Cardio to Losing Belly Fat

HIIT includes rotating short bouts of hard and fast intensity with short times of rest or reduced intensity this leads to high-fat burning.

For HIIT cardio, get ready for 5-10 minutes then stricture your exercise such that you go hard for 30 seconds to 4 minutes on end and recuperate for an equivalent amount of time. To perform a HIIT you can opt for the best commuter bike under 500 for efficient exercise.

Calculating Your Caloric Burn

Since you know the style of cardio to lose fat, it’s great to pick a technique that can consume the most calories. The more you burn the calories the closer you are to the results. Sticking to your workout and doing it with good intensity is really good for you. Make the exercise a routine, also incorporate high-intensity HIIT exercises in your schedule. Its good to alternate the cardio with strength training.

To make things somewhat easier here’s are cardio exercises and their respective calorie consumption.

Stationary cycling- 391 calories

Swimming- 372 calories

Running (6 mph)- 372 calories

Jumping rope- 372 calories

Ellipticals- 335 calories

Step aerobics exercise- 372 calories

Paddling machine- 316 calories

Circuit training- 298 calories

Open air bicycling (12-14 mph): 298 calories

Stair stepper: 223 calories

The best commuter bike under 500 is good for cycling around.

Supplementing Cardio Exercise With Strength Training

Despite the fact that you’re after the calorie consumption, strength is likewise important. Strength training ensures you gain muscles at the expense of fat storing which is good, the muscles are good at burning calories. Go for at least 2 resistant training in a week to boost your chest, back, shoulders, arms, hip, and legs.

Cardio is the best in losing fat belly but it should be done with a style for effective results.

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