How to make your holidays easier

Everyone looks forward to getting the chance to enjoy a few days away with family and loved ones. The opportunity to travel to places our great grandfathers would only have dreamed about in a matter of hours instead of weeks has made long distance vacations a reality. But how do you make sure that you get to make the most of your trip? Well here are some suggestions that I have that I hope will get you thinking and help to improve your next trip.

1. Read online Reviews

The online revolution has brought about huge change in the way that we search for services and products. Now we are able to not just look at a venue’s brochure, but also read about the experiences of their clients on independent review websites such as TripAdvisor.

Here not only do you get to search for potential hotels in preferred locations, but read reviews on the service provided, including foods and level of facilities. I have found, that this is a fantastic way to learn more information about the potential hotel I am going to visit. It also often includes tips and recommendations that I would otherwise miss. Such as which is the quietest room to book. It is also very useful for researching actives such as local tourist spots and restaurants. The advise give can help you steer clear of undesirable venues and pick only ones that truly provide exceptional service to their clients.

2. Use online comparison hotel websites

You used to book accommodation from a brochure or through your local high street travel agent. Now with the internet, you can check prices directly with a hotel, and using a comparison website to check up to 50 other travel sites for their best rates. These services often have discounted rates cheaper than booking direct and are worth using.

3. Last Minute Offers

Many hotels now work with discount travel websites, who do not publicly name the hotel offering special rates, but promote them as secret deals up to 70% off the hotels normal prices. An example of this would be the website secret escapes. It is a great way for hotels to sell un-booked capacity and for you to get a special price, allowing you to stay in more luxurious hotels than you would otherwise be able to book for the same money.

4. Travel Luggage Free

Now you can economically have your suitcase collected from your door and delivered to your hotel before you even leave for the airport. Allowing you to avoid having to carry heavy luggage, queue to check in and drop off the cases. But best of all is the fact that you do not need to wait at the luggage reclaim the other end. Companies such as Courierpoint offer the services of branded carriers such as DHL and FedEx to reliably collect, route and deliver your luggage using their reliable luggage shipping services at completive rate that compete with airline baggage costs.

5. Download the Google Translate App

This app will make reaching for the translation dictionary a thing of the past. It allows you to type in over 50 languages and have them instantly translated on the screen. Allowing you to ask for direction from any local. If you are fortunate enough to be using one of the 33 languages that it offers voice recognition for, then you do not even need to type. Just peak into your phone and the message will be translated into a voice message for you to play in your selected language. It also offers a translate for picture, allowing you to snap signs or menus and be able to instantly read what they are saying. #

6. Use a foreign current app.

Now you do not need to run the risk of carrying foreign currency abroad with you. You can turn your smart phone into a debit card in 33 currencies using the new Revolut app. You can avoid bad exchange rates with real time currency commission free exchange services. You can even request a physical debit card if you prefer. It is a great alternative to using a bureau de change and is shaking up the banking world.

I hope that you have found these tips useful and that they will help you have an even better next holiday.

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